The action in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is getting more intense as the hotly contested competition is inching closer to its end. After Episode 116, there are only 17 minutes remaining until the winning universe is named. Since the start of the tournament, fans have been placing their bets on their favorite character. Some want the prince of All Saiyans to be the ultimate winner. Several others are rooting for Son Goku while some are looking forward to Jiren the Gray being the last fighter standing.

A new set of spoilers was recently leaked online and it reveals that Gohan and Piccolo will be fighting in the upcoming episode of the popular anime series. A new theory claims that the next character from Universe 7 that will be eliminated is Goku’s powerful son, Gohan.


Provisional titles

Several days ago, a new set of spoilers emerged for the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” The spoilers contain the provisional titles that give fans the idea of what to expect in the next episodes. The initial title given for Episode 119 of the popular anime series is “A New Victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious” and is scheduled to air on December 10. Fans believe that the title is giving a hint that another warrior from Universe 7 will join Krillin, Tien, and Muten Roshi in the spectator’s bench.

New theory

One blogger named Praveen gave his predictions on the warrior that will be eliminated in the tournament. He believes that there are two possible candidates that could be sent out of the arena.


One is Piccolo and the other is Gohan. The blogger claims that the Tournament of Power is not just about being powerful but it also entails smart and experienced fighters in terms of experience in the battle. He believes that while Gohan has the tendency to unleash his power and defeat his opponents, he has minimal experience in terms of battles.

The blogger added that the young Saiyan has just resumed his training and has spent most of his time as a scholar giving presentations. Apart from that, he thinks that in this tournament, Gohan will make the greatest sacrifice of saving his mentor Piccolo that will cost him his chance to fight other opponents.

Other details

While the theory is possible, the blogger failed to consider that Gohan, aside from being a powerful Saiyan was instrumental in many victories of the Z warriors.


Experience-wise, the young Saiyan has a vast background in terms of battles. At a young age, he trained hard and fought against the Saiyans from other planets. He faced and defeated Cell and even went to Planet Namek to save the Namekians and fought against Frieza and his soldiers.

Sacrificing his chance of defeating and eliminating powerful opponents in the Tournament of Power for Piccolo is a no-brainer. The tournament has a rule that killing an opponent disqualifies the fighter. There is no greater danger than being eliminated, but he will not be killed. In terms of power, he is more powerful and stronger than his mentor. He has a greater chance of eliminating more warriors in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” than Piccolo.