The latest spoilers leaked online indirectly reveal more information about the future episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” It appears that the team behind the popular anime series is now hinting to fans about where the ultimate showdown of the tournament is heading. After Episode 115, there are 19 more minutes remaining until the winner and the winning universe will be determined. The previous episode showed Son Goku achieving again the Ultra Instinct Omen as he continues his battle against the powerful super warrior from Universe 6 Kefla. Interestingly, there are a lot of new revelations from the latest spoilers that give fans several hints about what to expect in the future episodes of the popular anime series.

New spoilers

Just recently, a new group of spoilers for Episode 117 [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super” was leaked online. The ever-reliable anime content creator and translator Herms98 translated the spoilers into English. The upcoming episode revealed that the Prince of All Saiyans Vegeta would attempt to tap the Ultra Instinct Omen. He was described in the spoilers as imitating Goku and acting unconsciously to achieve the god-like technique. It was also revealed in the synopsis that his attempt fails.

UI Vegito theory

While the Prince of all Saiyans was being teased about trying to access the Ultra Instinct Omen, many fans believe that the team behind the popular anime series is already hyping up Ultra Instinct Vegeta. Since Son Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct Omen, many fans believe that the prince of All Saiyans will soon achieve the same accomplishment.

In fact, there are many speculations right now in the community about other characters that might achieve the god-like technique.

One of the speculations that most fans are rooting for right now is the claim that the final showdown in the Tournament of Power might be between Ultra Instinct Vegito and Jiren the Gray. Popular anime content creator MaSTARMedia shared his thoughts on his YouTube channel. [VIDEO] According to him, if Vegeta would soon be able to achieve the Ultra Instinct Omen in the Tournament of Power, there is a great chance that UI Vegito will surface to fight against the strongest Pride Trooper of Universe 11.

With both Vegeta and Son Goku having the knowledge to access the god-like technique, their fusion using the Potara Earring would produce a very powerful Vegito with ridiculous power. If this happens, fans would be elated. It would truly be the grand finale of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” that every fan would like to witness.