After Episode 117 of “Dragon Ball Super,” there are only 15 minutes remaining until the Tournament of Power ends. This connotes that the remaining episodes will be mostly about elimination and total annihilation of defeated universes. Fans are speculating that the next universes that will be totally erased by the Zen-Oh’s are Universe 2 and Universe 6. While these details are not yet confirmed, a new theory surfaced recently. The claim indicates that a fan-favorite character will be back in the spotlight once again.

Many fans are looking forward to seeing this Saiyan in action since he is a very powerful warrior with vast experience in battle.

Latest theory

In the past episodes of “Dragon Ball Super,” there were only a few times that fans saw Gohan in action.


A new theory suggests that in the remaining episodes of the popular anime series, the young Saiyan will be back in the spotlight. Anime blogger Wamiq Fida claims that fans will see a more powerful Gohan [VIDEO] in the remaining episodes of the anime series. According to the anime blogger, before Goku’s son even stepped in the Tournament of Power, he has already achieved his Ultimate form but has not yet used any of it in the past episodes.

Other details

It is worth noting that in one of his sparring sessions with his father, Gohan was asked if he will also level up his power into Super Saiyan 3 or Super Saiyan Blue. Surprisingly, he told his father that he will not take the same road that he and Vegeta have trodden. Gohan said that he will reach a higher power level but not like that of the Prince of All Saiyans and his father [VIDEO].


Was the young Saiyan hinting about his Mystic Form or his Ultimate Form? Will he also be able to access the Ultra-Instinct Omen?

Episode recap

There are interesting details in the most recent episode that aired last weekend. This includes the elimination of the most irritating characters in the Tournament of Power. Although some fans found Ribrianne and Rozie cute and adorable, most have professed their hatred towards the ridiculously powerful fighters. Through the teamwork of the siblings Android 17 and Android 18, Universe 2’s they protected the weak Goku from the threat of being eliminated by the opposing universe.

Meanwhile, Episode 119 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to air on December 3. It will feature Gohan and his mentor, Piccolo’s, fight against Saonel and Pirina of Universe 6. The Namekian fighters are the last two remaining warriors from Champa’s team and their success will save the universe from total annihilation.