There was something important in the previous episode of "Dragon Ball Super" that fans might have missed. This is very significant, and it could change the future episodes that make up the second half of the Tournament of Power. Episode 113 featured the fight between Saiyans from Universe 6 and Universe 7, Caulifla and Son Goku. The fight took place after Saiyan, from Champa's team, insisted that Goku teach her to reach Super Saiyan 3. The fan-favorite Saiyan agreed on the condition that she beat him first.

SSGod and SS Blue

In Episode 113 of "Dragon Ball Super," fans witnessed the fast-paced battle [VIDEO] between Son Goku and Caulifla.

While Goku is fighting in his base form, the Saiyan girl from Universe 6 showed her speed and determination to defeat her opponent. Spectators from Universe 7 were marveling about how Goku’s skills in martial arts helped him land attacks on his opponent despite his lack of energy. In one of the scenes, Goku said that Caulifla's abilities can make her go beyond Super Saiyan 3. This statement triggered various speculations in the community. While some fans are excited, others are not impressed by how fast the Saiyan from Champa's team ascend to higher power levels.

Goku's statement has a massive implication for the future episodes of the popular anime series. In the previous episodes, Goku also taught Caulifla how to reach Super Saiyan 2. She was, unbelievably, able to reach it in less than a minute based on the time of the tournament.

If she ascends to power at that rate, it is not impossible to see her achieve Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue soon.


Caulifla is a strong and powerful fighter. With the warrior's genes running in her system, she improves and becomes stronger when in a fight. In fact, during her recent fight with Goku, she adapted to the style of fighting of her opponent fast. With higher power forms, the team behind the popular series is making her another powerful fighter that might be included in the roster of characters in the franchise.

Aside from that, granting that the speculations in the community are true about the Kefura fusion, the team might be making the new Super Warrior another overpowered character. Kale, based on teasers will reach her Legendary Saiyan form. When they fuse and Caulifla could exponentially ascend to Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue [VIDEO], Kefura will have a ridiculous power.

Meanwhile, Episode 114 of "Dragon Ball Super" will air on November 5. It will be titled "Intimidating Power, The Birth of a New Super Warrior."