The action is getting more intense as “Dragon Ball Super” moves on to the second half of the Tournament of Power. Aside from the birth of a new super warrior Kefla, fans observed how this new fighter from Universe 6 brings out the best in Son Goku. During the same episode, the fan-favorite Saiyan achieved all his powerful forms once again by simply fighting Caulifla and Kale and later Kefla. It appears that the battle against the secret weapon of Universe 6 allowed him to regain his lost energy from his previous fight with the strongest Pride Trooper Jiren the Gray.

Interestingly, a new information about Universe 3 was revealed in the most recent episode of the popular anime series.


It appears that one of the speculations about the mechanical universe is being confirmed by this latest revelation.

Universe 3 secret

Many fans were surprised when Episode 115 of “Dragon Ball Super” aired during the weekend. In the middle of the intense fight between Super Saiyan God Goku and the new super warrior Kefla, Beerus accused Champa that they were cheating because they used the Potara for their fusion. While the gods of destruction from twin universes were arguing, the Zenos are enjoying the fusion.

To shed light on the use of Potara earrings, the Grand Priest Daishinkan announced that it is now acceptable to use the godly accessories in the Tournament of Power.

Since all the participating universes have Kaioshins, it is apparent that all have the capability to fuse their participating warriors. However, while some of the universes are delighted with the new rule and about the new idea of producing a more powerful fighter, Universe 3 appears to have a different resolve. As revealed by the Ea, the Kaioshin of Universe 3, their universe does not need to use the Potara.


Is the Kaioshin’s statement an indirect confirmation that the heavily speculated fusion of three robotic fighters is true?

Triple fusion

When the team behind the popular series teased about the appearance of a new super warrior, one theory that stood from the rest is the triple fusion from Universe 3. According to this theory, Universe 3 will soon introduce a super warrior dubbed as the Megazord. It will be composed of three fighters namely Borareta, Panchia, and Koitsukai. The claim goes further saying that the Megazord’s arms and hands will be from Koitsukai while its lower body part will be taken from Borareta.

Panchia will make up the upper part of the powerful robotic fighter.

Fans are looking forward if this theory about the triple fusion from Universe 3 will soon be seen in the popular anime series. Meanwhile, Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 19. It will showcase Goku’s achievement of the Ultra-Instinct as he continues his battle with the powerful super warrior Kefla.