"Dragon Ball Super" episode 115 is a very exciting development in the Tournament of Power series so far. We have seen Goku being cornered like a trapped rat while being toyed by the fused warrior Kefla around the arena.

What we managed to learn in the episode so far is this: fusion was definitely not allowed until the two Zen-Os enjoyed it. Since the King-of-All was delighted, the Grand Priest had no choice but to declare it legal. It’s a good thing the other Universes refused to rely on such strategy on the account of possibly losing two warriors at the same time if the fused being was knocked out of the ring.

Goku’s Super Saiyan blue form vanquished

Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue losing to Kefla was to be expected. After all, Kefla’s power level is surely a monster. As mentioned by the angel Vados, the fused being would gain power tens of times compared to the power level of the two separate beings before fusing together.


This would surely give Kefla [VIDEO] the chance to overpower Goku’s God form. However, the Universe 7 Saiyan warrior would not give up without a fight; he poured every ounce of his energy to at least meet Kefla’s expectations. At last, when her base form was overwhelmed by Super Saiyan Blue form, she transformed into her Super Saiyan form.

Her aggression against Goku pushed him to the very limit of his abilities. Sure, he was trashed around the arena, but he was able to make it up by giving back some clean hits to Kefla’s body. However, when Kefla powered up, even the Kaio-ken while in Blue form did nothing to slow her down. So, when Goku was knocked down and his limits were reached, Ultra Instinct was shown again.

Goku vs Jiren Part 2

The second coming of Goku’s ultra instinct was indeed the highlight of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 115.


Even Jiren opened his eyes and came out of meditation when he sensed a higher power in the arena. Will there be another Goku vs Jiren fight?

But Goku’s performance using his newly awakened Ultra Instinct [VIDEO] remains to be seen. Sure, it can easily overwhelm a ridiculously strong opponent, but the way we see it so far, the form seems to be bound by some kind of time limit. Knowing Goku’s fighting style, he likes to play around and test himself and his opponent until he runs out of energy to finish the job. This is particularly dangerous because he is not in best shape anymore while Jiren remains unharmed and full of power.

What do you think will happen when Goku and Jiren clash again?