Fans were fascinated by the most recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” Aside from the explosive battle scenes, the team behind the popular anime series showed the resilience of the Saiyans in the battle. Episode 116 showcased the reasons why the Saiyans are called the warrior race. It also featured Son Goku easily getting access to the Ultra-Instinct Omen. The fight scenes with the super warrior Kefla from Universe 6 were amazing and intense. Interestingly, the fan-favorite Saiyan showcased his new techniques during the entire episode aside from the Ultra-Instinct Omen.


New techniques

Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” featured several scenes that showcased Son Goku’s new techniques aside from Ultra-Instinct. While he used the god-like technique, the fan-favorite Saiyan was seen having the ability to punch the air. There was a scene where he made an air cannon, which resembles that of the legendary assassin Hit. With the Ultra-Instinct Omen, Goku was able to see through his opponent. Tien noticed it during his fight with Kefla.

Aside from his completely new techniques, the fan-favorite Saiyan, in a way, showed how the god-like technique works.

One of the reasons why he was easily defeated by Jiren during their epic battle is because the strongest Pride Trooper could see through him. He knew the next move that the fan-favorite Saiyan was going to do and was prepared to counter it. In addition, the god-like technique allows its user to move on instinct. It means that the user’s body instinctively moves on its own.

Other details

Son Goku has proved to the gods of destruction, angels of destruction, Kaioshins, and even to the Grand Priest Daishinkan that he can go beyond their expectations.


When he first accessed the Ultra-Instinct Omen, the gods did not even want to acknowledge and confirm that a mortal like Son Goku could achieve the god-like state. Apart from that, they thought that he would never be able to use the technique again in the tournament.

During his most recent fight with the super warrior Kefla, the Grand Priest Daishinkan -- along with other gods and angels of destruction -- confirmed that he was able to access it once again. Now, they are again predicting that he will not be able to use the same technique again in the future.

Will Goku be able to use the Ultra-Instinct Omen once again? Will there be a rematch with Jiren?

There are only 17 minutes remaining until the Tournament of Power determines the winning universe. Meanwhile, Episode 117 will feature the fight between Universe 2’s Ribrianne and Rozie against Android 17 and Android 18 of Universe 7.