In the last episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” the battle between Kefla and Goku continued. Her power is so overwhelming that not even the Super Saiyan Blue is capable of matching it, and after just a few ki blasts and physical attacks, Goku was almost knocked down. But just when he was seemingly defeated and his hair turned back to normal, his eyes turned silver once again. The Ultra Instinct is back!!

Once again, Whis and Beerus are surprised to see Goku in this state. His power unleashed is astonishing and his reflexes unmatched.


Ki blast after ki blast, Kefla tried in vain to get a certain hit on the Saiyan from Universe 7, as he evaded each attack with his eyes closed as if they were slow motion shots.

The difference in power is sadly notorious for Universe 6. Even though the Pothala fusion is indeed amazing, it is obvious that it is no match for the Ultra Instinct.

Kefla’s power surge is overflowing!

The combined strength of both Kale and Caulifla has resulted in a very tough warrior. Kefla’s power is still rising more and more, and the rest of the warriors left in the arena are noticing it.

It has caused Vegeta to be distracted and lower his defenses against Toppo, and even perturbed Jiren’s meditation! It would seem that the Universe 11’s strongest warrior is fully aware of what’s happening in the arena, and he is beginning to realize that he will have to come into action once again.

Jiren is interested in Goku once again?

As was explained before, even though he is meditating, Jiren is fully aware of the events happening in the arena. Now that Goku has awakened his Ultra Instinct one more time, Jiren’s interest in facing the Saiyan is reborn.


The pressure generated by Goku’s power will force him to come into action one more time, stopping his meditation. Yet it would seem that on Episode 117, Goku will run out of energy once more, although it is not mentioned whether if he is defeated again or not. There are many things about the Ultra Instinct that we still don’t know and we also don't know whether Goku’s body is getting used to his new transformation or not. Yet another thing to note is that Kefla is not mentioned in the synopses of Episode 117.

Will she be eliminated?

Additional Information

The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 19. It will feature the continuation of the fight between Ultra-Instinct Goku and the powerful Kefla.

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