Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” gave away the best way to defeat the powerful Ultra-Instinct Vegito should he surface in the Tournament of Power. Since the start of the hotly contested tournament, fans have been speculating about the participation of Vegito in the later part of the competition. While in the earlier part of the tournament some fans ditched the idea because it is against the rule in the tournament, the appearance of Kefla paved a way to legitimize their claims.

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With Goku easily tapping the Ultra-Instinct Omen, a UI Vegito is simply indestructible so that even Jiren the Gray could be a little short in terms of power if ever they fight.

However, in the most recent episode, it appears that the team behind the popular anime series gave away the easiest and the most effective way to defeat Ultra-Instinct Vegito.

Greatest secret revealed

During the crazy battle between Son Goku and Kefla in Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans witnessed the power of Saiyans when in a battle. The fight justified how the Zenkai boost is a vital part of the Saiyan’s DNA that spells out the reason why they are called the warrior race [VIDEO] in the multiverse. It also featured the variety of ways on how they could raise their power level, one of which is through fusion. In the same episode Son Goku defeated the super warrior Kefla and kicked her out of the arena.

In that scene, the team behind the popular anime series showed fans how Ultra-Instinct Vegito could be easily defeated should he surface in the Tournament of Power.

It is worth noting that as Kefla fell out of the arena, the mega Kamehameha fired by Son Goku broke the Potara Earrings and caused their diffusion. While Caulifla and Kale are powerful Saiyans, they cannot be at par with Son Goku in terms of power level, experience, and knowledge in battles. They are powerful apart but apparently much stronger and powerful when fused.

Other details

The same logic can be applied to Vegito. While Goku and Vegeta are individually powerful, they become simply indestructible when fused and becomes Vegito [VIDEO]. If the opponent realized that the Potara Earrings could defuse them if they get broken, then eliminating Vegito is really easy. The fusion also has a time limit and it is not a good option to use when time is of the essence. It also increases the number of elimination since a fused character eliminated means two fighters less from the arena.

Meanwhile, Episode 117 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 26. It will feature Universe 2’s strong warriors Ribrianne and Rozie as they fight against Universe 7’s Android 18 and Android 17.