The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is moving at a fast pace with explosive action scenes. Fans have been expecting this for long and the tournament is approaching its end. After Episode 115, the hotly contested tournament in the World of Void has only 19 minutes remaining before it finally ends. Long before the Tournament of Power started, fans have been talking about Goku’s form. When the team behind the popular anime series released the image showing the back part of the fan-favorite Saiyan, fans claimed that something terrible might happen since Goku’s back showed many battle marks.

New theory

Interestingly, a new theory surfaced recently [VIDEO] claiming the same.

The theory predicts that in Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” something terrible will happen to the popular Saiyan. According to this claim, it is disturbing that in the middle of the fight between Ultra-Instinct Goku and the super warrior Kefla, Jiren the Gray awakes from his meditation. While it acknowledges Goku’s god-like power when it is in his Ultra-Instinct form, it is also worried that the Saiyan would not be able to fight head-on against the strongest Pride Trooper.

The theory believes that even if the team leader of Universe 7 achieved again the Ultra-Instinct state, its power might not last long to fight, defeat, and eliminate Jiren the Gray. Unlike other warriors in the Tournament of Power, the Pride Trooper was able to meditate and is believed to have regained his lost energy.

Meanwhile, Goku has been fighting incessantly since Jiren started meditating. Although he was able to regain his god-like power, he has not rested well. The theory further claims that Jiren the Gray might even beat Goku and Kefla all at once with his current state.

Other details

In the latest preview released [VIDEO] for Episode 116, it was revealed that the strongest Pride Trooper is indeed back into the action and has finally ended his meditation. There are two possible reasons for the wakening of this powerful fighter from Universe 11. This includes the strong power released by both Son Goku and his powerful opponent Kefla. It is also possible that Jiren has completed a certain stage in his meditation, achieved his full power, and is now fully recharged.

For now, it is hard to say if he is going to take down Goku or Kefla. In the latest spoilers, it was revealed that Goku will fire a Kamehameha to Kefla at point blank. Whether Universe 6’s secret weapon will survive this attack is still unknown. The biggest question right now is if Goku will be able to keep this form longer. The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 19. It will feature the continuation of the fight between Ultra-Instinct Goku and the powerful Kefla.