There is a notable difference in the way “#Dragon Ball Super” projects to the viewers the images of Son Goku and Jiren the Gray. These two superpowers in the series are currently regaining their lost energy back due to their epic fight. After eliminating the Legendary Assassin Hit in Episode 112, Jiren retired from fighting and subjected himself to meditation. Fans assumed that this is his way of recharging himself. On the other hand, Goku is in a far worse situation after the fight. With Frieza’s energy, he is now fighting and gaining his strength back.

Increasing energy

Many “Dragon Ball Super” fans believe that the team behind the popular anime series purposely made Goku fight with the Saiyans from Universe 6 to get his energy back.

In Episode 113, Whiz said that the fight sharpens his senses. He started fighting Caulifla in his base form, and after Kale has joined the fight Goku was able to reach his Super Saiyan 3 form but it was just in a brief period of time. It appears that he while training and helping Caulifla reach her new form, he is also getting his energy back.

Several days ago, the provisional title [VIDEO] for Episode 115 was released online. The episode is titled “Goku vs #Kefura” and is scheduled to air on November 12. Over the weekend, Toei Animation also released the preview for Episode 114 of the popular anime series. It unveils the Super Warrior, Kefura, which has been the subject of many speculations in the community.

Based on Goku’s progress in his fight with Kale and Caulifla alone, further battle will give him the ability to reach his Super Saiyan 3 form.

According to speculations, Kefura is the product of Caulifla and Kale’s fusion. This means she is more powerful and stronger than the two fighters. With immense power, she will definitely give Goku a tough fight.

New transformation

Aside from the fact that Goku loves to fight more powerful enemies, it also allows him to increase his energy. It enables him to push his body to its limits and achieve things that he was never able to accomplish before. Fans witnessed this many times previously. Apparently, his fight with Kefura will cause him to achieve his new transformation [VIDEO]. In a new fan-theory, it is claimed that instead of the Ultra Instinct Goku will achieve his Limit Breaker form. The theory claims that the Ultra Instinct is a technique that even gods of destruction have a hard time mastering.

Since it is just a technique, the theory states that the fan-favorite Saiyan will break through his limits and will give rise to his Limit-Breaker form. Meanwhile, Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 5. It will feature the continuation of Goku’s fight against Caulifla and Kale. #Goku's new transformation