There are several details in the latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” that fans might have missed. Episode 116 is loaded with amazing scenes that pleased the majority of the fans in the community. It has showcased the final showdown between two powerful Saiyans from twin universe. Universe 6’s Kefla was featured to have an unbelievable power that can rises as her opponent ascends to another level. Son Goku also proved that he can always go beyond everyone’s expectations.

Interestingly, there are several details in the most recent episode that fans might have missed. Here is the rundown that could definitely shed more light on the future episodes of the popular anime series.


Tournament rules violated

There are several scenes in Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” where the fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe 7 violated one of the rules [VIDEO] in the Tournament of Power. Flying is prohibited in the arena and even before the battles started it was clear that the stage has anti-fly technology that prevents participants from flying. While it looks like Son Goku was just jumping, it appears that he was able to break through the anti-flying restriction. When Kefla was trying to hurl her attacks and was firing indiscriminately, Son Goku dodged her attacks.

However, Kefla realized that she cannot hit her opponent on the ground and decided to fire her attacks mid-air. Surprisingly and maybe because of the help of the Ultra Instinct Omen, he was able to dodge the attacks and reached Kefla while preparing his Kamehameha.


Goku’s opponent was standing on a high peak and he was on the ground when she fired her attack.

Mega Kamehameha

Aside from flying, Son Goku also showcased a mega Kamehameha that he fired to Kefla at point blank. The massive power did not simply knocked the super warrior off but broke the part of the arena where she is standing and eliminated her from the Tournament of Power. The mega Kamehameha also broke the Potara Earrings and torn the fusion. In addition, the fan-favorite Saiyan also used the Kamehameha to glide through the powerful attack [VIDEO] fired by Kefla. It looks like a bowling ball that he used to reach in front of his opponent.

Ultra Instinct

In this episode, the gods of destruction, angels, Kaioshin, and the Grand Priest Daishinkan all confirmed that Son Goku was able to use the Ultra Instinct Omen. During the one-hour special, the gods, the angels, and even the Grand Priest are hesitant and doubtful to confirm that the fan-favorite Saiyan already tapped the god-like technique.

Meanwhile, Episode 117 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to officially air on November 26. It will feature the aftermath of Kefla’s elimination from the tournament and the fight between Android 18 and Universe 2’s Ribrianne. It will also showcase Android 17’s battle with Rozie.