The second half of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is going to be exciting. If the recent speculations are true, the next episode of the popular anime series will give fans a new character born out of Caulfila and Kale’s fusion. Recent spoilers for the upcoming episodes revealed that the new super warrior that Son Goku will be fighting in Episode 115 will be named Kafla. Sporting a Potara Earring in her ear, fans are now thinking that Universe 6 will use the earrings of the Kai to give rise to the new character.

Interestingly, fans are also talking about the possibility of seeing another powerful character in the franchise that could also appear because of the Potara Earring.

However, the glimpse of hope for Vegito fans might be already dead if the latest claim is true.

No Vegito in the tournament

The sight of Potara Earring in the ear of Kafla in the latest preview for Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super” opened many possibilities in the Tournament of Power. One of these is the appearance of the powerful fighter Vegito. He is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, made possible through the use of Potara Earrings. However, it seems that fans might not see him in the Tournament of Power.

In a joint interview [VIDEO] with Toyataro and Akira Toriyama, published in DBS vol. 4, the two writers were asked about the Future Trunks Arc. It was revealed that Vegito was originally intended to be a one-time appearance. Toriyama admitted that he wanted to meet the expectations of the readers so that is the reason why Vegito was made available.

He added that he made a scenario where the characters are left with no choice but to fuse.

Other details

Actually, Toriyama’s statement [VIDEO] could be viewed in two different perspectives. It is possible that due to fan’s requests, the much-awaited character might appear in the Tournament of Power. On the other hand, there is also a possibility that we might not see the powerful fighter at all. The decision is still in the creator’s hands. Fans could only hope and wish that Vegito will soon fight against other powerful fighters in the Tournament of Power.

Meanwhile, Toei Animation recently released the preview for Episode 114 of the popular anime series. The 40-second video unveils Kafla, which has a strong resemblance to Kale and Caulifla. The episode is scheduled to air on November 5 and is titled “Intimidating Passion, The Birth of a New Super Warrior.” You can check out the latest “Dragon Ball Super” episode preview online.