The recent episode ofDragon Ball Super” left fans in disbelief, and they won’t have to wait too long to find out what’s going to happen next. Official updates and spoilers of the anime’s next five episodes have been released, giving fans a brief preview of what’s going to happen to Son Goku, Kefla, and the rest of the main warriors in the Tournament of Power.

Super Saiyan Blue vs. Kefla, and other possible fusions

This weekend’s episode will still focus on Goku and Kefla’s ongoing fight.

Kefla, which was initially referred to as Kefura and Kafla by earlier translations, is the new fusion form between Universe 6’s female Saiyans, Kale and Caulifla. The official update said that Goku will be overwhelmed by their merged power [VIDEO].


Seeing how this fusion is effective, especially against the stronger opponents in the Tournament of Power, other warriors are considering to use fusion as well.

Meanwhile, the fight between Kefla and Goku escalates to a new level in Dragon Ball Super” Episode 115. Goku unleashes Super Saiyan Blue [VIDEO] against her, but it seems like this won’t be enough, especially because the latter goes on a rampage. However, it seems like Goku’s gaining back his new power as his eyes turn to silver.

The return of the Ultra Instinct

Things finally pick up in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 116 because Goku will finally regain his new power called Ultra Instinct. Somehow, during his fight against Kefla, he unleashes an immense ki, and reaches the high level of mental state.

Thanks to his Ultra Instinct, Goku will be able to dodge Kefla’s deadly attacks, and even counterattack with ease.


With the Ultra Instinct reactivated, Goku fires a powerful Kamehameha directly at Kefla.

Team Universe 2 vs. the Androids

Android 17 and Android 18 will finally be back under the spotlight in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 117. Goku’s Ultra Instinct will become a game-changer in his fight against Kefla, but this will also deplete most of his stamina, which will make him the target of the other teams again. Ribrianne’s team from Universe 2 takes this opportunity to take out Goku, but the Android siblings arrive just in time to help him.

Another universe annihilated

A summary for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 118 wasn’t released, but its official title is “Accelerating Drama: A Universe Disappears!” The upcoming episode, which is set to air on December 3, will reveal the annihilation of another universe. Given how things are working out in the battle royal, Team Universe 2 or Team Universe 6 might be eliminated next.

The latest rankings also revealed that Team Universe 4 and Team Universe 11 have the least number of warriors of left in the Tournament of Power.

However, Team Universe 11 is far from getting totally eliminated because they still have Jiren and Toppo in the arena.

Team Universe 7 loses another warrior?

There was no summary released for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 119 as well, but the official title clearly hinted that Team Universe 7 is most likely going to incur another lose. The upcoming episode called “A New Sacrifice from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!” is set to air on December 10.