Dragon Ball Super” just aired Episode 114 over the weekend, which focused on the Saiyan warriors from universes 6 and 7. Goku was targeted by Kale and Caulifla, but the hero powered up despite his weaker stamina after his grueling battle against Jiren The Grey. The girls seemed to have been knocked out of bounds, but everyone was stunned when Kafla, the fusion between the female Saiyan warriors, stood out. Recently, the titles and synopsis for episodes 115-119 were released.

One episode suggests that Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue might be defeated, but he will use his Ultra Instinct form once again.

Episode 115

Todd Blankenship shared his English translation [VIDEO] of the titles and synopsis of Dragon Ball Super episodes 115 to 119.


The upcoming episode is titled “Goku vs Kafla! Super Saiyan Blue Beaten?!” and is slated to air on November 12. When the leader of the Saiyan punks noticed that she can’t beat the U7 warrior despite her power up, she decided to use the last resort. Both the female warriors were given the Potara earrings from the U6 Supreme Kai, but Champa made it clear that they will only use it when they no longer have a choice.

Episode 116

Titled “The Comeback Omen! Ultra Instinct’s Great Explosion!!,” Episode 116 clearly suggests that Goku’s new form is finally making a comeback. “Through his extreme battle with Kafla, [the hero] once again utilizes Ultra Instinct, a region which even gods cannot easily obtain,” reads the synopsis.


Goku triggers further power-up in his opponent Kafla,” reads the description. It seems that after going SSB, which has been teased to be defeated, the Omen is returning. The episode is set to air on November 19.

Episode 117

After using all his energy with Ultra Instinct, Goku is now being targeted by the Universe 2 warriors, led by the magical girl Ribrianne. The synopsis suggests that the warriors will put the hero in a tough spot. However, androids 17 and 18 will come to his rescue. “Grand Love Showdown! Androids vs Universe 2” is scheduled to air on November 26.

Episode 118

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 118 has no summary, but the title itself already has fans buzzing. “Accelerating Drama: A universe Disappears...!” would be the episode title, which suggests that another universe will soon face [VIDEO] its annihilation at the hands of the Omni-King. Some fans believe that it’s going to be Universe 2 after the team gangs up on Goku. However, the twin androids might take them down. The episode will be aired on December 3.

Episode 119

There is no synopsis for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 119, but it seems that another warrior from Universe 7 will be eliminated. Titled “A New Victim from Universe 7! Universe 4 Gets Serious!!,” the episode is expected to air on December 10.