Two days before the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is shown, a new spoiler for the December 10 episode has surfaced. The latest spoiler confirmed two things: the defeat of Team Universe 6 and the remaining yet unseen warriors of Team Universe 4.

According to the latest spoiler, Episode 119 of “Dragon Ball Super” is entitled “An invisible enemy! Universe 4’s surprise attack!” Here’s the complete teaser: “With the annihilation of Universe 6, the Tournament of Power has entered its final stage! Universe 4 now begins a surprise attack against Universe 7! How will Goku and company face this invisible enemy?”

Unseen enemy from Universe 4

With 15 minutes left on "Dragon Ball Super's" Tournament of Power, seven members from Team Universe 4 have already been eliminated: Nink, Shosa, Majora, Caway, Dercori, Ganos, and Monna.


This leaves them with three remaining warriors in the arena.

However, only Shantsa is visible; the two mysterious warriors are not even visible on the Zen-Ohs’ GodPads. They are the twin “cicada warriors”: Gamisaras and Damom. While not much is known about the twins, hiding in plain sight. the Zen-Ohs’ GodPads somehow teases the nature of their abilities.

Not much is known about these two warriors from Universe 4; thus, no one knows of their powers. But if it's measured by how effectively their allies were eliminated during the early part of the Tournament of Power, it’s easy to see that their team may have limited physical abilities unless they are hiding other powers.

The target

As suggested on the latest teaser of, "Dragon Ball Super," the two invisible warriors are going to attack Universe 7, but who will be their target? While Goku has yet to recover his stamina, he’s covered by Android's, numbered 17 and 18. Surely, these two hidden warriors won’t try to fight either Vegeta or Frieza or they’ll face instant elimination.


That leaves Piccolo and Gohan as the probable targets. But if the twins are to be successful, they will haunt only one victim and the best candidate would be Piccolo. Why? As suggested on the teaser trailer for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 118, Piccolo and Gohan will face Namekians of Universe 6: Pirina and Saonel.

Proving he’s the better Namek, Piccolo is expected to go all out against the Namekians of Team Universe 6. This would spell disaster if he’s caught off-guard by the sneaky warriors from Team Universe 4.

Universe 6, erased

The latest teaser also proves earlier reports that Universe 6 will be the next on the erasure list. After Goku eliminated Kefla, which resulted from Caulifla and Kale’s fusion, only the Namekians’ Pirina and Saonel will be left.

Yet, based on the title of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 118, “Accelerated Tragedy Vanishing Universes...” two teams will get erased. According to earlier rumors, the other team that will get wiped out is Universe 2 which is down with only three warriors: Zarbuto, Rabanra, and Zirloin.