New official updates from Shounen Jump have just been released for Dragon Ball Super” Episode 118. More spoilers have been released, adding specific details regarding which universe is most likely doomed to be annihilated next in the ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc.

The anime series recently concluded its action-packed bout between Son Goku and Kefla. However, the fight didn’t end well for Champa's team as Kefla was eventually eliminated, which meant the team lost two warriors, namely Kale and Caulifla. Fans are brewing up speculations on which universe is going to get erased next, and the new teasers narrowed it down to two possible outcomes.

Universe 2 gets annihilated next?

Shounen Jump’s new updates for Dragon Ball Super hint that Universe 2 will most likely head to a devastating end in the upcoming 118th episode.


Earlier official updates already revealed that a universe is certainly going to be obliterated, but the anime series has been vague about it.

Universe 6 incurred a huge loss when they lost their powerful female Saiyans, and now they only have two warriors left in the Tournament of Power. However, the recent spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super” are leaning towards the idea that Universe 2 will most likely be erased next, and not Universe 6.

The preview for this weekend’s episode already revealed that Universe 2’s Ribrianne and Rozie will be going up against Universe 7’s Android 17 and Android 18. However, the results are still uncertain since Ribrianne is set to unleash a new form.

The additional spoilers further revealed that Frieza and Son Goku will actually go after the other warriors from Universe 2.


In fact, Freeza will be furious at Goku because the latter will be attacking Zarbuto and his teammates, which leads to eliminating Universe 2's warriors.

Universe 6 also in danger

As mentioned earlier, Champa's team is on the verge of getting erased because they only have two warriors left in the Tournament of Power. Meanwhile, Heles’s team still has five warriors left, but if things don’t go well with the Kamikaze Fireballs’ fight against the Android siblings, then it will also mean a huge disadvantage for them.

The Shounen Jump updates are already hinting that Universe 2 might be annihilated next, but there’s also a possibility that Universe 6 might also be erased along with them. More official updates for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 118 reveal that Son Gohan and Piccolo will be continuing their fight against Saonel and Pirina.


However, it seems like Gohan and Piccolo will struggle. In order to defeat the tag team Namekians, Piccolo will come up with a new method of attack to throw their opponents off-guard, and possibly even knock them out of the arena, which will lead to Universe 2 getting erased as well.