New photos for Episode 118 of “Dragon Ball Super” were recently leaked online. These images revealed interesting information about the upcoming episode of the popular anime series. The next episode is hours away from its official airing date and fans are excited to witness another spectacular episode that will feature fast-paced action between Universe 7 and Universe 2 warriors. In the previous episode, fans saw how Son Goku used the Ultra-Instinct Omen, dodged all his opponent’s attacks and eliminated her from the Tournament of Power.

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New leaked images

On the social networking site Twitter, several images of Episode 118 of “Dragon Ball Super” have been leaked. A popular source of scans and spoilers, Yonkou Productions [VIDEO] provided the latest images for the upcoming episode of the popular anime series.

One image shows Son Goku standing in the arena with his game face on. He looks strong and appears to have regained his energy. Interestingly, behind him are several silhouettes of warriors that look robotic. The blackout silhouettes most likely are from Universe 3 or Universe 4.

It is possible that these fighters are after the fan-favorite Saiyan and they are posing to attack him from a very vulnerable position. This could mean that Universe 7 is in danger but this is what makes the popular anime series very interesting and exciting.

Other details

Aside from Son Goku, a new scan from the latest issue of Jump magazine also revealed several faces of characters that will play a significant role in the upcoming episode of the anime series.

This includes Son Gohan, who according to previous spoilers, will continue fighting against the Namekians Saonel and Pirina of universe 6. On Gohan’s back is Piccolo [VIDEO], which was shown in his fighting attack. He will play a big role in this episode given that they are fighting against the Namekians.

Another interesting image leaked is Frieza. While his image does not reveal much about him, in the spoilers, it was disclosed that he is furious. As revealed, Son Goku is the one responsible for the super villain’s anger. Frieza is playing with his opponents, probably making them suffer before eliminating them. Son Goku fires a Kamehameha at Zarbuto and his allies and sends them out of bounds triggering Frieza's disappointment.

Episode 118 is titled, “Accelerating Tragedy, A Universe Vanishes.” It is scheduled to air on December 3. Fans are expecting that it will showcase another universe being erased from the multiverse after all of its fighters are eliminated in the Tournament of Power.