Major players in the Tournament of Power are getting weeded out with every passing episode of Dragon Ball Super and the warriors remaining on the stage are dropping-off faster than ever. With the universal battle royale recently passing the halfway mark, the Saiyan showdown between Universe 7 and Universe 6 finally ended with one victor emerging. Additionally, Goku admitted that he is finally getting the hang of Ultra Instinct, which opens a lot of possibilities in the future. Will Goku learn and master the Ultra Instinct before the tournament ends?

Ultra Instinct vs Potara Fusion

The episode kicked off with a short recap on how Goku reached Ultra Instinct for the second time and picked up with Goku powering up in front of a now threatened Kefla.

However, instead of getting intimidated by Goku’s immense power, Kefla [VIDEO]took it as a challenge and also powered up to Super Saiyan 2 to match Goku’s energy. Kefla was the one who initiated the battle with a massive ki blast propelled by her lightning speed, but Goku easily dodged it and everything the Kefla threw at him.

Goku’s reaction time is far ahead of Kefla’s and it seems like Goku has some future sight where he can easily dodge attacks from any direction even when he cant see the attacker. Kefla continued to attack Goku, but she left an opening mid-air and Goku delivered a punch that sent her flying. However, Kefla was unaffected by the attack, which Whis explains that Goku still finds difficult to switch between the offensive and defensive use of Ultra Instinct. To end the fight once and for all, Kefla unleashed her ultimate weapon, but Goku used the lady Saiyan’s attack to get close and threw a Kamehameha at Kefla, point blank, sending her out of the arena, thus eliminating her from the battle.

Ahead of the game

With how the things are playing out, Universe 7 is still winning the tournament because of their numerical advantage against the opposing teams. Additionally, the remaining warriors for Universe 7 are no pushovers, and the only major threats in the arena are Jiren, Toppo, and Ribrianne. Meanwhile, Universe 6 instantly became the next in line to taste the Zen-Ohs powers of erasure, with all of their strong fighters sitting in the spectator’s stands.

All in all, the episode delivered all the action and excitement one could ask out of the show. Though it was not as polished and refined in its aesthetics when compared to the one-hour special, the energy and entertainment factor was spot on. It also came up with a spectacular finish with a thrilling build-up. The action sequence was superb, where the movements were fluid and used the environmental elements of the arena, keeping things interesting. For now, let's just wait and see if Goku [VIDEO]will continue to learn how to use his Ultra Instinct in the future episodes of Dragon Ball Super.”