Just a few weeks back, "Dragon Ball Super" showed fans what Jiren is capable of doing, but much to the dismay of "DBS" loyalists, the fighter from Universe 11 has been missing in action since.

With the Tournament of Power revolving around him, the Pride Trooper has taken a time-out to meditate after defeating Goku. But according to a new episode, Jiren's breathing spell will soon be interrupted.

What's likely to happen?

The 115th episode of "Dragon Ball Super," which was aired just last weekend showed Goku stumbling into his Ultra Instinct state one more time.

The altercation powered-up against Super Saiyan Kefla for what "DBS" fans believe could turn out to be the greatest Saiyan battle, but they are keeping Jiren under careful observation at the same time.


"DBS" episode 116 preview shows Goku checking his Ultra Instinct while taking on his new opponent. After leveling up, Goku seems to outmaneuver SSJ Kefla.

According to a report by Comicbook, Vegeta might not be the only one who is showing signs of interest. Furthermore, the reel clearly shows that Jiren's meditation is cut short thanks to the power levels Goku is transmitting.

Other possibilities

Fans of the hit Japanese anime [VIDEO] have restlessly been waiting for someone to interrupt Jiren's meditation. The Pride Trooper is capable of keeping his mind uncluttered; however, Jiren is unable to close the eyes to the blustering power level that surrounds him amid the tournament.

Without wasting a lot of time, Jiren twitched with Kefla first revealed its raging powers based on its fusion, and the feud made an appearance in the anime latest episode during a showdown between UI Goku and SSJ Kefla.


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Those keeping an eye on "Dragon Ball Super" summaries would know that Jiren's comeback has been teased for a while now. According to "DBS" episode 116 synopses, Jiren quits meditating after his curiosity in Goku's latest fight is triggered; however, it is likely that the Pride Trooper will be not engaged in action for long.

It’s worth noting that summaries of upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episodes do not shed more light on Jiren. It will be hardly surprising if the fighter returns to meditating after Goku fall out of Ultra Instinct one more time.

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