The universal Tournament of Power has been going for more than half the time allotted, and there are less than twenty minutes left before a victor is declared. However, Dragon Ball Super” is not giving up just yet as another set of synopsis hit Twitter earlier. Avid fans and translators have already shared the foreboding events in the inter-galactical battle royal. Basing on the titles and synopsis, things are getting serious as significant events are about to happen.

Episode 115

The Saiyan [VIDEO]showdown will continue, but Goku will face a brand-new enemy that was born from a Potara fusion.

The upcoming episode will be titled “Goku Vs. Kafla, Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!” and as the title suggests, it seems that the combined powers of the lady Saiyans will prove too much to handle even for Goku and his Super Saiyan Blue form.


Additionally, the synopsis also mentioned that because of Kafla’s birth and surprising power, other universes begin to consider Potara fusion as part of their strategies. Are we about to see another fusion before the tournament ends?

Episode 116

A big episode for the series is coming as the mysterious and powerful Ultra Instinct [VIDEO] will grace again our TV screen in episode 116 titled, “Symptoms Return! Grand Eruption of the ultra instinct!!.” As the title suggests, the Ultra Instinct that fans couldn’t get enough of will return once more. We already know that Goku will suffer a defeat against Kafla in episode 115 and this will prompt him to evolve and reach Ultra Instinct once again. However, Kafla will power up too in answer to Goku’s evolution. Who will emerge as winners between the two Saiyans?

Episode 117

Episode 117, titled “Grand Battle of Love! Androids Vs.Universe 2,” will shift its focus to the other players in the tournament and as the title suggests, the laying low androids will return and fight against Universe 2's magical girls.


According to the synopsis translated by Ken Xyro, Goku [VIDEO]will run out of energy once again because of activating the Ultra Instinct. The Universe 2 warriors, with Ribrianne leading, will rush in to take out Goku while he is weak. However, the Androids comes just in time to save Goku from elimination.

Episode 118

As for episode 118, there was no synopsis provided, and the title is the only thing that was revealed. According to the translations, the title will go “Tragedy Closes in on… The Vanishing Universe…!” and as the title implies another universe is about the suffer the power of Zen-Ohs, and their existence will get erased in an instant. For now, we have no credible information about which universe will meet its untimely end, so we will just have to tune in for more Dragon Ball Super updates.