"Dragon Ball Super" episode 114 just finished and fans are divided since some liked it while others were disappointed about how Kefla easily powered up. In this episode, Goku continued his fight with Kale and Caulifla.

It started with Kale in her berserk mode which made Zeno excited. But she surprised everyone when she was actually able to control her powers. Caulifla was pleased with seeing her power and she approached her. Things were a little dramatic when Caulifla held Kale's hand telling her that she is her best friend and that if they unite their power, they will be the strongest in all the universes.


Kale and Caulifal fight Goku

Kale, who is three times bigger than her base form, teared up because of Caulifla's words. She then calmed down and returned to her normal Super Saiyan form. The two Universe 6 female Saiyans attacked Goku and they were a great team. Even Goku recognized that.

While Caulifla was attacking Goku, he borrowed Tien's Taiyo-Ken to blind Caulifla momentarily. This made Kale angry and she attacked Goku too. This brought them to the spot where Universe 3's policeman fighter is trying to ask Frieza to fight with him. But Frieza wasn't interested especially when he saw the Saiyans fighting.

Kefla is born!

Frieza wanted to fight with Kale and Caulifla but Goku stopped him. Goku said that it should be first come, first serve. Hence, Frieza decided to watch the fight. Goku then turned Super Saiyan Red and managed to hit Caulifla. With Caulifla weakened, Goku hit a part of the arena so the two would fall off. But to everyone's surprise, someone emerged from the rubble.

Goku figured out that Kale and Caulifla had fused. Their fused form introduced herself as Kefla. She was pleased with herself because of what she looked like.


She also said that she could feel her strong power inside her. With that, Kefla started attacking Goku. Goku could sense her enormous strength. Even Vegeta paused for a while when he felt the power, which gave Toppo a chance to hit him.

Jiren was disturbed

On the other hand, Jiren was shown at the beginning of the episode. He was seen twitching from the energy of Kale's berserk form. But as Kale and Caulifla fused, it appeared that Jiren could also feel her energy too. In the preview for episode 115, Jiren was shown moving his eyes.

Will he wake up from his meditation because of Kelfa's strong energy?

The title for episode 115 is "Goku vs Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!" and it worries fans as the Universe 7 hero might indeed end up defeated. Kelfa is now ten times stronger because of the Potara fusion. But who will defeat Kefla? Will Jiren stop meditating and face Kefla? We will find out on the next episode which will air on Nov. 12.