Dragon Ball Super” returned over the weekend, highlighting the battle of the three Saiyan warriors from two universal counterparts, universes 6 and 7. Kale and Caulifla fought side-by-side in an attempt to take down Goku, but everyone knows the hero is not something to mess with. So far, there were only two universes that the Omni-King has wiped out since the Tournament of Power started. However, it seems that another galaxy is in danger of annihilation, according to the recent episode titles released by Animage.

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There were no further details that incorporate the new set of episode titles, but some fans already have speculations as to which of the remaining universes would be obliterated next.

Another universe will bid goodbye

Reddit user Terez27 shared the new set of episode titles [VIDEO] of Dragon Ball Super and one title already has fans buzzing as it suggests the obliteration of one universe. “Accelerating Drama: A Universe Disappears...! ” is the title of Episode 118. Apparently, it confirms that one of the surviving universes will soon face its unfortunate fate at the hands of the Omni-King. Universe 7 has the highest number of remaining warriors and most of them are among the best fighters in the galaxy.

Which universe will be wiped out?

Goku’s home is definitely not the next universe to be annihilated as the hero still has to show more of his new Ultra Instinct form once his rematch with Jiren The Grey sets off.

Comic Book suggests that any of these universes – 2, 3, and 6 -- might be in danger of obliteration. Universe 2 still has five surviving fighters as of late, including the magical girl Ribrianne, who badly wants to win the tournament. However, an upcoming episode description suggests that her team will gang up against Goku, but the twins androids 17 and 18 come to the rescue. If all else fails, there’s no doubt the team will go down.

As for Universe 3, the team may have six warriors remaining, but most of them, including Katpesra, might jeopardize their home after the police office targets Frieza. It’s not that we take the warrior too lightly. However, knowing how clever the resurrected villain is, fans can imagine why U3 might be the next one to get wiped out. We’ve also seen the three robots targeting Goku recently, which could be another reason for the team’s imminent danger.

Universe 6 on the other hand, might be wiped out, despite Kale and Caulifla’s fusion that recently debuted on “Dragon Ball Super.” Following Cabba’s elimination, Team U6 only has four remaining warriors, including the female Saiyans as well as the Namekian fighters, Saoneru and Pilina. After the girls’ backbreaking fight against Goku, it seems that the hero would still have them eliminated. What do you think?