The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super” manga was previewed in V-Jump. Last month’s chapter confirmed Jiren of Universe 11 was indeed more powerful than Universe 11’s god of destruction, Belmod. However, just because he was stronger than Belmod, it didn’t mean he was stronger than the other gods.

Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 30 finally unraveled more of the mysterious Pride Trooper, who is currently the mightiest in the anime series’ ongoing Tournament of Power. The new chapter picks up immediately from the last chapter, revealing events after Toppo and Goku’s fight.


Zen-Oh and the Grand Priest finally approved the Tournament of Power between the universes’ strongest mortal warriors but pointed out that four of the 12 universes were exempted from the battle royal. This announcement drew unexpected shock from all the gods, even from the ones who were excluded from the tournament.

Pride Troopers in action

“Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 30 tackled more of the other universes' preparations, and it first revealed how Universe 11 went on to recruit warriors for the tournament.

After the exhibition match, the manga focused on how Belmod and Toppo went about on how to gather Universe 11’s strongest warriors. Toppo eventually takes a spaceship and heads off to the rest of the Pride Troopers.

In the manga, the Pride Troopers were finally seen in action as they defended a city in Planet Toware from a giant crab villain and its minions. Dyspo was leading the team, and Toppo arrived just in time to cut off one of the giant crab’s pincers with his laser beam. However, this triggered the villain crab to full-on rage attack them, and Jiren finally appeared to save the day, and finish their mission.


Jiren’s powers and how he joined the Tournament of Power

The anime has pretty much established how powerful Jiren was, but in the latest chapter of the manga, it revealed more of Jiren’s mysterious powers. Jiren was apparently Universe 11’s Superman, who was a strong man devoted to justice over anything else.

Jiren took out the villain by landing one devastating blow as he comes out from space. In addition, Jiren had a gadget that enabled him to shrink the giant crab to something as small as his thumb to apprehend it.

Of course, the shrinking gadget wasn’t revealed in the anime because weapons and certain items were not allowed in the Tournament of Power. Aside from this strength, Jiren was really fast, since he said he flew through space to Planet Toware because it was faster than riding a spaceship.

Apparently, Jiren refused to join the tournament at first, but Belmod convinced him that if he wins, he will be rewarded with Super Dragon Balls. The reward made Jiren change his mind because it was also revealed in the new chapter that Jiren had one wish he wanted to fulfill, which was actually against his principles.


Jiren also had one condition to join, wherein he will be immediately returned to Universe 11 if any trouble occurs.

Jiren was a man of justice, so he didn’t kill evil beings, and he didn’t care about universes being annihilated because of a tournament. In fact, he told Toppo that if Universe 11 was to be obliterated, it was because it was the universe’s fate. Meanwhile, the manga foreshadowed Jiren’s unknown wish, which was something to be worried about.

“Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 30 also revealed that just like Goku, Jiren wasn’t interested in becoming a god of destruction. This was why Toppo was Universe 11’s candidate to become its next god of destruction even though Jiren was way stronger than Belmod and Toppo.