Episode 115 of “Dragon Ball Super” aired during the weekend. It gave fans another explosive battle between the new super warrior from Universe 6 named Kefla and the fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe 7, Son Goku. As previously leaked in the spoilers, Champa’s secret weapon is so powerful that even Super Saiyan God Goku had a hard time fighting against it. Aside from the amazing action scenes and animation contained in the past episode, it revealed a new rule that will change the Tournament of Power.

New rule

Dragon Ball Super” fans have been talking about the fusion of Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale. Through the Potara earrings, Champa’s team was able to give birth to a new super warrior with unbelievable power.


Since the Tournament of Power started, there have been many speculations from fans about a potential fusion from Universe 7 and Universe 6. One of the reasons why fans would not want to believe that fusion could be possible is because of the rule in the tournament that prohibits the use of any weapon.

Interestingly, the matter was brought up during the official airing of Episode 115 of the popular anime series. Beerus stressed out to his fellow god of destruction Champa that his team did not utilize the Potara earrings because they do not want to be disqualified. However, the Zenos loved the fusion and they found Kefla and her ridiculous power amazing. The Grand Priest Daishinkan then announced that because of the resolve of the Omni-Kings, the use of Potara is now acceptable.


After the pronouncement [VIDEO] by the Grand Priest Daishinkan on the use of the Potara earrings, other universes had varied reactions.


With a Kaioshin in every universe, fusion among its participating fighters is very possible. Like Kefla, other universes with powerful warriors can also produce more powerful fighters that have magnified powers, strengths, and abilities. On the other hand, fusion would also mean reducing the number of fighters in the ring.

During Episode 115, Whiz reminded Universe 7 that there is a chance that since two fighters become one, their numbers will be reduced. If the tournament comes to its final hour and there are still many fighters from various universes, the universe with the highest number of fighters in the ring will win. A universe with fused fighters has the higher risk of getting erased if their fused fighters are faced with a stronger and more powerful warrior.

With the way things are going in the Tournament of Power, [VIDEO] it appears that the team behind the popular anime series has a lot of surprises under its sleeves. The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will officially air on November 19. It will feature Goku as he again awakens the Ultra-Instinct.