A few days ago a special design was revealed for the fans of "Dragon Ball Super" showing us a character never seen before. This character is an Angel from another Universe that was previously erased by Zeno [VIDEO]. Because of this, this Angel is no longer fulfilling its role as a protector, and as you know, an Angel without a role becomes dormant.

Official image

As we mentioned before, this image was shown a few days ago and is an original design, though no digital copies have been released to examine in more detail.

However, many believe that this angel could make an appearance in the Tournament of Power for several reasons.

New character?

The creator of the series, Akira Toriyama [VIDEO], mentioned that new enemies could appear as time passes.


He was then asked in the interview if any new characters or villains would be revealed in the Tournament of Power. His response was:

Of course, there will be a new character who will be present in the Tournament of Power, new adventures will come for all of the warriors who are participating in the tournament.

The above is what Akira Toriyama mentioned in the interview. On the other hand, The last thing that Toriyama mentioned before Goku managed to reach his new transformation. It is possible he was referring to the new evolution of the main protagonist of the series.

Reason number two

For the last reason, we have the press release containing several angels of our Universe including the New Angel. An interesting fact is that this new angel has a stronger drawing tone, also there are symbols on some parts of its clothing.


On the other hand, the top of these images has a word written that left us surprised, simply stating 'Very Soon.' Undoubtedly something surprising and very mysterious could be coming.

Finally, we do not know if these are clear signs that this new character will appear in the tournament, but the funny thing is that finally the first angel without a Universe to serve has been revealed. Then again, these drawings do not necessarily confirm the appearance of this new Angel in the tournament and until more information is revealed should be ruled out.

Finally, it is clear that some of the previous designs of Toyotaro and Toriyama were discarded from the original manga, so this could be a character that has been discarded. However, others think that it is the first angel without a Universe to serve that the creators of the series have shown us.

At the moment this has been the most recent news about the world of "Dragon Ball." If there is more, we will be communicating it as quickly as possible.