Let's talk about the likely mergers of the Power Tournament! The last episode allowed the analysis of universe by universe of the capacity/fusion desire. Thus, one learns that universe 3 and 4 do not need Potaras and, therefore, certainly another means of fusion in reserve. The universe 2 has lost its loops, only the 6, 7 and 11 have the possibility of sending potaras in the remaining Universes.

4 - A merger in the universe 7?

This is the question that Beerus asked in episode 115. He ended up retracting when he realized that his universe was in the numerical advantage and that a merger would reduce his staff unnecessarily.

However, the idea of merging C-17 and C-18 was pretty good and Vegetto's comeback or even another Saiyan merger was conceivable.

If things get difficult for U7, will Beerus consider his decision again? Remember that he has never seen Vegetto in battle and he certainly does not reach his power!

3 - A Namek Fusion?

The possibility of absorption among the Nameks is still present, but it would be the final disappearance of one of the two characters.


Wouldn’t using the fusion of potara with the remaining pair of Kaio-Shin of Universe 6 (Fuwa) be a way to achieve the same result at a lower cost?

2 - Damom + Gamisarasu?

Why is Quitela so calm and seems not to feel the need to resort to potaras? Is it only the presence of two camouflaged insects Damom and Gamisarasu that reassures him? Or maybe these two fighters have the ability to merge and become more powerful! Surely we must discuss it again in the next episodes!

1 - The fusion of the three robots!

As previously mentioned, the three robots with a green tone seem to complement each other perfectly.

Liken the Kaio-Shin of Universe 3 says, it's a bit difficult to explain, but they do not need potaras.

In fact, fighters still present on the ground can be assembled by a simple mechanical connection.

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0 - The fusion of Dyspo and Toppo?

The only strange part of episode 115: the view of Universe 11 about the merger was not even mentioned. Logically, it is unlikely that they use the potaras. Their remaining fighters are individually powerful and in small numbers. However, there is still the unlikely possibility that Dyspo and Toppo use the fusion of potara.

For now, we do not have credible information about which universe will meet its premature end, so we must tune in for more updates.If you do not want to miss any news I recommend that you follow me.

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