The Episode 115 of Dragon Ball Super” marked the return of Son Goku’s Ultra Instinct form. When the Universe 7 Saiyan’s Blue form was utterly defeated by Kefla, he brought out this terrifying form that made his opponent tremble in fear. Champa may be able to say for a moment that the Potara earrings created the strongest warrior, but it only lasted a short while.

Another Fusion?

But the creators of the “Dragon Ball Super” have made a passing hint about Androids 17 and 18’s Fusion. Universe 7’s Supreme Kai even joked about it by saying that the fused androids will be called Android 35.


We have also seen the gods from other universe refusing to use Potara earrings the way Universe 6 did. However, Whis said that even though the possibility of having a ridiculously strong fighter is high, losing two fighters at the same time is also high. In the end, Beerus did nothing but yield rather than cut the numbers of remaining warriors on stage.

Ultra Instinct Part 2

When Goku was fighting Kefla, it really seemed that he was trying hard just to keep up with the fused female warrior. According to Whis, Goku had unconsciously broken through his shell again.

The familiar heat/aura started to engulf him and he swatted away Kefla’s energy blasts easily. At one time as well, he even dodged the blasts like he knew exactly where it will pass him.

If you remember, Jiren seemed like he was just toying Goku around when the Universe 7 warrior was trying his hardest to make him break a sweat. In the end, Goku had to rely on his Spirit Bomb using some of his teammates’ energy hoping to deal just a tiny scratch. We all know Goku failed to give Jiren a hard time, even though Ultra Instinct was there to help him.


When Goku and Hit were defeated, Jiren decided that the remaining warriors in the arena cannot even measure up to his strength. That was when he decided to meditate and wait for the time to end.

Jiren Breaks His Meditation

Speaking of Jiren, did you notice how he opened his eyes again when Goku activated his Ultra Instinct form? That was so awesome! Maybe he senses great potential coming from either Kefla or Goku exerting their energies in the arena. Even Vegeta who is busy fighting Toppo noticed Kefla’s swelling power level.

This is good news for Goku and Jiren fans especially if they are waiting for another round of the mind-blowing fight of the century.

Do you think that Jiren will use his full power against Goku in their next round of battle?