New exciting details continue to arrive regarding ''Dragon Ball Super'' and the next episodes in the current Tournament of Power. The latest events in the current Japanese series were very intense, where Goku and Kefla showed us a tremendous battle trying to improve their Power to the top level.

The powerful warrior of the Saiyan race looked very inferior to the fusion of Kale and Caulifla in the first minutes of the fight; However, later on, the Z warrior reached the powerful Ultra Instinct form and managed to defeat Kefla's merge.


Defeating Kefla opens the door to good new opportunities for the warriors that represent the Universe 7 in the tournament of Power. With Kefla gone, chances of winning for Goku and his team could become greater than ever before. An interesting fact about the Universe 7 is that most of their warriors have great stamina. However, Goku and his Universe could face great trouble in the upcoming episodes of the series. According to new information revealed by a source close to Bandai Namco and Toei Animation at Japan, Goku one of the main characters in the ''Dragon Ball'' franchise might die in his second fight against Jiren.

It is not the first time that the great Saiyan got into trouble in the tournament: However, new information revealed by Otakukart about the second and more important fight of Goku in the Tournament of Power hints that the Z warrior will be ruthlessly attacked by his opponent, leaving him badly wounded on the ground.

Here's everything we now know about the latest revelations in the "Dragon Ball Super" series.

How strong will be Goku's Ultra Instinct form in the next episodes?

Out of all Goku’s transformation, the Ultra Instinct has been one of the most powerful and exciting forms in the Tournament of Power.


It is worth mentioning that it drains stamina and overplays the Super Saiyan Blue form with Kaioken on top. Goku will have another great chance at using this fusion at its highest level again during his second fight against Jiren. However, it is practically impossible to beat Jiren in his top form.

Will Goku die in the Tournament of Power?

According to new information running wild on different social networks in Japan regarding, Goku, the Z warrior might die during his second fight against Jiren.

It is worth mentioning that in his last fight he ran out of stamina and Jiren is completely rested.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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