The bout against the New Seven Swordsmen of the Mist continues in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.” The latest episode featured the skills of these young ninjas, but it seems they just weren’t ready to bear the power and burden of the legendary swords. The new swordsmen went up against Boruto, Sarada, and even Mizukage Chojuro.

Boruto faced Kagura, while Sarada ended up having to fight the new wielder of Kiba the Fang. The rest of the new swordsmen were up against Chojuro, and they were just kids playing with swords, so they were easily defeated by the Mizukage. However, one of them had been hiding in the shadows, waiting to land a perfect ambush until Iwabe found him and tried to stop him.


Sarada Uchiha vs. Kiba the Fang

The manga already confirmed that the story arcs in the anime series ofBoruto: Naruto Next Generations were canon. Aside from that, the story of anime series took place before the events in the manga. Boruto, Sarada, and the rest are still students, and it seems like it’s going to be a long while before they become genin (junior ninja), which is the first and lowest ninja rank.

Sarada wasn’t skilled yet, and she was having a difficult time in fighting Buntan Kurosuki, who was the current wielder of Kiba the Fang. If it weren’t for the Sharingan that Sarada inherited as a direct descendant of the Uchiha Clan, she wouldn’t have a chance against Buntan.

Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter eventually defeated the late Raiga’s daughter with genjutsu, after a series of copying ninja jutsu. Even though Sarada had a hard time dealing with Buntan, the former might have just shown the potential that she can become better than her father.

Can Kagura still be saved?

Boruto ended up having to fight his new friend from the Hidden Village of the Mist, Kagura Karatachi, who has been forced into joining the New Swordsmen of the Mist. “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” will be featuring the fight between the two in the next episode, which will air this week.

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Boruto refused to hurt his friend, and he’s determined to convince Kagura to leave the dark side, so the former will probably have to go all out to get through. However, Kagura’s too stuck up with the fact that he’s a direct descendant of the infamous Yagura, and he’s confident that he’ll become just like his grandfather, a cold-blooded ruler.

Just before things heat up between Kagura and Boruto, Mitsuki arrives just in time to save the day. In the previous episodes of the ongoing Field Trip Arc, Mitsuki thought of a plan with Suigetsu Hozuki to save Boruto and the others who were caught up in the skirmish.

Hopefully, Boruto and Mitsuki will finally talk some sense into Kagura.