"Attack On Titan" Chapter 99 ought to serve as the climax for the whole Marley story saga, as the series’ protagonist, Eren Yeager, finally comes face-to-face with his bitter rival, Reiner Braun.

Willy Tybur, the true ruler of Marley and holder of the Warhammer titan, is about to unveil to the world his next step toward full control over Paradis Island – the land of the Eldian people. However, moments before the grand unveiling of Willy’s master plan, Eren is attempting to create an alliance that could change the future for both Eldia and Marley.


Four years since their fierce showdown in the “Battle of Shiganshina,” the Attack Titan and the Armored Titan have crossed paths again, and this time, their actions will determine the fate of the entire world.

Here are five things to expect in the upcoming chapter of "Shingeki No Kyojin" / "Attack on Titan."

Eren, Reiner reach pact

It’s always hard to imagine that former enemies will connive to overthrow a greater power. But after the series delved deeper into Reiner’s background and struggles as an honorary warrior of Marley, it has become clearer now that he’s also nothing more but another victim of the cynical world they are living in.

Eren and Reiner will set aside past grudges to battle Marley’s forces and foil the Tybur’s plan for world domination. It’s not going to be an easy feat since they are very much at the heart of Marley’s territory, but the power of Reiner’s Armored Titan and Eren’s Attack and Founding Titans will be enough to accomplish the mission.

Zeke revealed as another conspirator

Zeke Yeager has always been depicted throughout the series as a loyal servant to the Marley government. In fact, there’s no reason for the Marleys to ever question Zeke’s loyalty after he exposed his own parents for their affiliation with the Eldian Restorationist front.

However, there’s something strange with the elder Yeager’s body language in the last few chapters.

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The theory that he’s secretly working with his half-brother Eren to launch a surprise attack on Marley and the Tybur clan might be actually true after that ‘playing catch scene’ in Chapter 98. It is as if the series’ author, Hajime Isayama, is insinuating that there’s a connection between the two Yeagers. It’s definitely something to watch out for in the next chapter, since nobody knows Zeke’s main agenda up to now.

Willy Tybur unveils the power of the Warhammer Titan

Chapter 99 might finally feature Willy Tybur in his Warhammer Titan form.

Isayama hasn’t dropped any hint about the appearance of the Warhammer Titan, but since the series has drawn a lot of inspirations from Norse mythology folklore, the general assumption about the titan is that it wields a hammer and generates a massive voltage of lightning. As chaos erupts in every corner of Liberio, Tybur cuts himself and transforms into Warhammer Titan – one of Eldia’s most formidable weapons.

"Attack on Titan" Chapter 99 is included in the December issue of Bessatsu Monthly Shonen, which is scheduled for release on November 9 in Japan and November 13 in the United States.