As soon as the news break about a rumor involving someone else, daytime talk show host Wendy Williams is one of the first ones to share the news. Not only does she talk about others, but she also puts her own spin on the situation and gives her opinion about what people should do and how they should handle their personal business. However, no one expected her to address the scandal last month surrounding her husband, Kevin Hunter, who is one of the producers of "The Wendy Williams Show."

Williams admitted that she likes to share hot topics about others, but on that particular day in September, she became a hot topic herself when she addressed her husband's cheating scandal.

However, the scandal hasn't gone away. After her studio audience listened to what the host had to say, she concluded by telling them and her television viewers that they can believe what they want, but she is standing by her guy.

The cheating scandal

In case you haven't heard the rumor that has been going on for a while, Wendy Williams' husband, Kevin Hunter, has been accused of cheating with his mistress named Sharina Hudson. The rumor is that Hunter, 46, and Hudson, 32, have been having an affair for the last ten years. Not only that, but they share a $765,000 house just miles away from the house Hunter shares with his wife and teenage son. Hudson is a massage therapist and has been seen wearing an engagement ring.

The rumor is that Hunter is living a double life. He and Hudson have been photographed together going to the gym and out to dinner before he goes home to Wendy. Even with all these things going on, Williams said none of it is true. She insists there is no trouble in her marriage. In fact, she says things are going very well.

Williams' representative, Alexandra Sinclair, agrees. The rep claims none of the rumors that are being spread about Wendy's marriage are true.

Wendy Williams married her second husband Kevin Hunter on November 30, 1997. They have a 17-year-old son, Kevin Hunter, Jr. One report says Wendy is staying with her husband because of their teenage son.

Hunter manages Williams' career, and they jointly own a production company.

Employees of the show

According to Celebrity Insider on October 21, Williams' employees are walking on eggshells because they are afraid they will get fired if they say anything remotely related to the Hunter scandal especially since he works for the show as well. Wendy has allegedly fired some of her staff including producers for leaking information concerning the situation. The 53-year-old television talk show host says she can't trust people who are not loyal to her.

If none of the cheating stories are true about Kevin Hunter, why are there still rumors? Is someone trying to make Wendy look bad? This sounds like the events of a Lifetime movie that Wendy says she often watches.