Twenty Years back, an artist/creator named Akira Toriyama from Japan decided to sketch out his ideas on paper. As a result, he was able to give birth to Dragon Ball.” Soon enough, these simple ideas presented on paper transformed into a far-fetched franchise. Twenty years later, the show still seems to be going strong in terms of viewership. The next episode for “Dragon Ball Super” [VIDEO] is going air this Sunday, October 9. This season is expected to air until November. Fans have now started wondering how Toriyama will conclude this legendary series, noted Comicbook.

Is that a goodbye to Goku and Vegeta?

Rumors suggest that the upcoming episode might be the last one for Goku or Vegeta.

Two stars – Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat – who voice “Dragon Ball Super” [VIDEO]characters Goku and Vegeta respectively, feel like they have the “perfect” way of bidding farewell to their characters. At the recently-concluded “Anime Expo” 2017, the two were present at the show's panel. Media personnel and fans asked them many questions relating to the action-show. Out of these questions, they were asked how they think “Dragon Ball Super” will come to an end. Schemmel decided to answer this question. He suggested that toward the end, the only two characters that will be left in each of the universes are Goku and Vegeta. They will come face-to-face and will be seen charging at each other with their ultimate attack moves. Sabat added that they will ultimately hurl a punch into each other’s faces and this is where the credits will start rolling out.

In the end, it will read, “The end of 'Dragon Ball' forever. Goodbye,” suggested Sabat.

More news regarding the show

Fans will be extremely infuriated If the makers decide to end the series the way Sabat suggested. The fans have closely followed the two main characters – Goku and Vegeta -- for twenty years. There are a lot of hopes pinned on them. In a time like this, a little resolution or a proper goodbye is expected. Fans who love “Dragon Ball Super,” hardly have any regard for “Dragon Ball GT.” Therefore, the fans are hoping that none of this turns out to be true. The next episode is going to be an hour-long segment. The ultimate battle between Goku and Jiren is expected to take place in it. It remains to be seen who ends up being victorious. Fans have to wait until the upcoming episode for any confirmation to rumors about which character might come out on top in the final battle.