The latest episode of the anime series “The Ancient Magus’s Bride,” which is also referred to as “Maho Tsukai no Yome,” just aired on October 21. The new episode takes the two main characters in a faraway journey where dragons secretly exist.

In the previous episode, the local priest sought the ancient magus Elias Ainsworth to help them with a couple of problems. One of it was to address an issue within a land where dragons live in seclusion and hiding.

The other ancient magus

The new episode of “The Ancient Magus’s Bride” picks up immediately from where the previous episode left off. Visiting a faraway foreign land, a huge flying beast swoops in from the sky and takes Chise Hatori in its mouth.


In addition to a dragon coming out of nowhere, an unidentified white-haired man was mounted on the dragon, and he was clearly giving the instructions. Chise, who is safely secured inside the dragon’s mouth, was brought to an unknown place full of green and trees that housed different kinds of dragons.

Shortly after their arrival at the said new place, Ainsworth revealed that there was nothing to be afraid of because the white-haired man's a mage named Lindel, who was ages older than him. The other ancient magus has been tasked to be the caretaker of the dragons’ secret lair, explaining why there were magical creatures of all sizes running around the meadows.

Lindel and Ainsworth had things to discuss, so they left Chise to play with the dragon hatchlings. However, her brief stay not only made her a friend of the dragons, but she also experienced a rare event in a dragon’s life.

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A graveyard for dragons

When Chise first arrived at the dragons’ lair, which was a special place hidden from any ordinary human’s sight, she came across a dying dragon named Nevin. The dragon’s a uil, which is a certain breed of bulky winged dragons that have abandoned the skies to oversee the lands.

Nevin welcomed Chise and most likely because of her powers as a Sleigh Beggy, she was able to accompany Nevin in his final flight, which took place in his dreams. Shortly after waking up from the dream, Nevin turned into a huge tree that produced beautiful white flowers.

Nevin’s dying wish was to have Chise make a wand out of his branches. The unexpected turn of events churned emotions in Chise even though she was already aware that dragons return to the earth as trees, boulders, and other parts of nature when they die and unlike human beings, dragons do not find sadness in their last breath.


In fact, Nevin found peace in his death that even the dragon hatchlings watched with awe. Chise, who was evidently sad about Nevin’s sudden passing, grew envious of how he peacefully left this earth.