"Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus and her co-stars haven't been getting along. Briana, who is the newest addition to the cast after being added in Season 8 of the MTV reality series, got off to a great start with her fellow cast members. Last week, during the "TM2" reunion all of the cast members gathered together to recap the season and give updates on their lives. However, things got a bit heated between DeJesus and the other women from the show.

Briana vs. Kailyn

According to Radar Online, Briana DeJesus is dating her co-star Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn and Javi share one child together, Lincoln, and went through a messy split, finally ending their marriage officially earlier this year. Now, Javi has moved on to another "Teen Mom 2" star, Briana, whom he's been good friends with for years. However, the friendship has now blossomed into romance, and it is complicating things for DeJesus. Over the weekend at the reunion, Kailyn and Briana reportedly got into a spat behind the scenes, and fellow co-star, Leah Messer, was also involved.

The cast takes sides

According to Briana DeJesus' social media feed, the newest "Teen Mom 2" star says that her co-stars have taken sides against her due to the fact that she's now dating Javi Marroquin. Briana and Jenelle Evans, who is also in a bit of a feud with Kailyn Lowry, spent a lot of time together while Kail hung out with Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska, whom she's grown very close to over the years.

Briana called out the cast on Twitter, saying they were acting like high schoolers, and adding that "one woman's trash is another woman's treasure."

Briana makes a decision about her reality TV future

After feeling like she had been shunned by her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars, Briana DeJesus seemingly had enough. She took some time off from social media, and when she returned she revealed that she had spent that time thinking about the situation, and talking with executives.

DeJesus says that her conclusion was that she was going to continue to be herself. When fans questioned Briana about whether or not she was going to quit the show, she revealed that she's "here to stay" on the reality series.

Will Jenelle Evans quit the show?

Recently, Briana's co-star, Jenelle Evans, threatened to quit "Teen Mom 2" when she said she was tired of MTV's bad editing.

Jenelle claimed that the network manipulated scenes through editing to make it look like there was more drama than there really was. Evans then said she was likely quitting the show after next season, and even caused quite a lot of drama during the filming of the reunion when she refused to stay in the same hotel with her co-stars, was involved in a huge behind the scenes argument, and her husband, David Eason, pulled out a knife during a cast party.

Will the cast ever get along?

It seems that the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special is going to be packed full of drama when it finally airs. Meanwhile, only time will tell if Briana DeJesus and/or Jenelle Evans will resolve their issues with Kailyn Lowry, and whether the cast members can coexist for the sake of their reality TV gigs. Fans can watch all of the cast members' stories unfold Monday nights on MTV.