While Sylvester Stallone was shooting his upcoming movie ''Escape Plan 2 Hades'' and filming his appearance in the ''This Is Us'' series, Dolph Lundgren started a serious workout program to get fit for ''Creed II.'' Dolph posted a short video of his training on his Instagram account and we can all see that he is ripped. We assume that he will have a great part in the movie because he makes his daily routine include working out at the gym. He might also throw a couple of punches or at least show off his body. For all of you who don't know, Dolph Lundgren is now working on his role for ''Aquaman'' and he has been suggested for five more Movies roles by 2019.

What is Sylvester Stallone doing in the meanwhile

On the other hand, Sylvester Stallone is 100 percent dedicated to his work. He is for sure in better shape than Dolph Lundgren and every other actor near his age, so he is not really concerned about that. Let's add that the Rocky character is showing another side of him with drama, so it's not really necessary for him to show off. He is working every day on his new movies at a fast pace. He shared with his fans the information that he finished shooting for ''Escape Plan 2.'' Stallone said that this means ''Escape Plan 3'' is coming sooner so he better start writing! Once again he met his new buddy 50 Cent on the shooting of ''Escape 3.'' Here are the photos Stallone posted for all these:

Later, Sly Stallone posted a picture on his Instagram account with Max Zhang, his Asian co-star in the ''Escape Plan'' sequel, telling us that they've been shooting some physical fights and stunts for 15 hours!

We have to admit, they look really tired so we should expect great fights scenes in this movie.

Stallone made one last post to thank his co-workers and his team for their work and informed us that he is moving onto his next project. Here is exactly what he said:

That's all we know so far.

Now we're waiting for the release dates of those movies.

Stallone's appearance in 'This Is Us'

Sylvester Stallone is also working on ''This Is Us'' series in which he is playing a father figure to Justin Hartley. Sylvester Stallone said he is honored to play in such a real story and that the whole series deserves the three nominations for Golden Globe and the rating 8,8/10 on IMDb.

Sly will appear in the third episode of season 2, called ''DeJavu.'' The new episode where Stallone portrays himself will air on October 10. As we can see in the following picture, the action star shared that he enjoyed his time on the show and he sends his best to Millo, saying this was an amazing experience. Here is the photo: