Being a popular anime series like Dragon Ball Super,” it is not surprising that there will be a slew of mysteries in its story to pique the fan’s curiosity to keep them engaged. Enthusiasts both love and hate a good speculation, and they have always provided a vast array of things that range from a plausible well-constructed theory to the most bizarre and mind-blowing predictions. theories have become a daily thing in the series, and the new set of famous theories will change how you see the series as a whole.


Tournament of Power results

We all know what losing in the Tournament of Power means, and many fans are not in favor on what Zen-Ohs have decided. If the series goes on as Zen-Ohs envisioned, seven universes will vanish in a blink of an eye with one universe joining the other four highest-ranking worlds. However, one fan cannot accept the whole idea where he made his own scenario of events.

According to the fan-made theory, Universe 7 will win the tournament with Goku as the last man standing.

Goku will wish to the Super Dragon Balls to bring back all the erased worlds, but this wish will defeat Zen-Ohs’ original purpose for organizing the tournament. Goku will then make a loophole on Zen-Ohs’ agenda and wish all the erased universe to be merged on Universe 7. Knowing Zen-Ohs’ childish nature, the divine god will be thrilled by the idea that they would go with it.

Jiren has Ultra Instinct?

As we all know, Jiren is the latest fighter who pushed our hero to break his limits where even Goku’s trump card Spirit Bomb didn’t even faze the mighty Pride Trooper.


The previous one-hour special showed us what he is capable of and fans are eager to know where his immense power comes from. If one theory is correct, Jiren has an ability much like Ultra Instinct that centers on his meditation.

In earlier episodes, we learned that Jiren is a fan of meditation to bolster his powers and the most recent events even saw Jiren meditating in the middle of the Tournament of Power. We all saw how powerful Ultra Instinct is and the only explanation how Jiren managed to go toe to toe with Goku is that he has a similar ability that Jiren attained through extended meditation.

After all, meditating helps clear a person’s mind, and there is a principle in Buddhism that powerful meditation will help an individual an awakened state which makes them aware of their entire surroundings. If Jiren indeed has a state where his awareness is pushed to the maximum, it will be a good explanation how he managed to go head to head with Ultra Instinct. For now, stay tuned for more Dragon Ball Super updates.