The current arc in "Dragon Ball Super," which focuses on the Tournament of Power, has created a lot of hype among the anime's fandom. With the tournament halfway over, fans can still expect to see many different exciting matches. But it appears that the show's creators have more to offer.

While fans are busy making speculations and sharing theories about the current anime, there might be a possibility that a "Dragon Ball" Movie is in the works. If this is indeed true, many fans will definitely celebrate, since it has been two years since the last movie.

A new domain

The reason why this news has surfaced is due to the purchase of a new domain for "Dragon Ball." According to Twitter user @Spy_Otaku, the domain was recently registered on Oct.


14. Aside from that, and were also purchased on the same date. When the WhoIs details are checked, it shows that the purchaser is from Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Although other information is hidden, it looks promising that it may come from the creators of the show because of its location.

According to Comic Book, the registrar of said URL is the same as the ones who bought the domain for If this is the case, Toei Animation may have reached out to its partners to purchase the domain earlier for their next movie.

In the past, Toei Animation bought website domains months prior to the release of a new movie. The website came up before "Dragon Ball: Battle of the Gods" was released in theaters.

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Aside from that, was purchased nine months before the release of "Dragon Ball: Resurrection of 'F'."

With the newly purchased domain, it may mean that the company is brewing something great for the fans. It is possible that the movie will be out by July of 2018 since the 2015 film was released in the same month following its April 2015 debut in Japan. As of this writing, there are no official announcements yet from Toei Animation.

'Dragon Ball' films

Since the debut of the anime adaptation of the manga by Akira Toriyama, there had been nineteen movies released based on the franchise.


Four of these are based on the original "Dragon Ball" anime while fifteen are based on its sequel "Dragon Ball Z."

The latest films, "Battle of Gods" and "Ressurection 'F'" are full-length feature movies which were set between the chapters 517 and 518 of the anime. The movies differ from its previous films since most of them are just 45-60 minutes feature length movies. This may mean that the upcoming movie will also be a full-length feature.