For much of the 2000s, the world has been in love with the anime, "Naruto." And what isn't to love about a trio of teenage ninjas as they grow up? "Naruto" was loved so much that it went through the storyline of the trio as young preteens all the way through adulthood. And now, Naruto's son, Boruto, has his own anime. It's impressive to see how far the anime has gone. Equally impressive is the amount of spoilers we still get from things such as anime openings.

The new opener

It's not uncommon for an anime to receive a new Opening while it goes through one of its plot arcs. While "Boruto: Naruto Generations" goes deeper into the arc of the Mist Village, we've received this brand new opening.


While the upbeat and poppy song isn't necessarily for everyone, the animation tells a lot. It gives us a quick introduction to all of the characters and images of Boruto having to figure life out on his own as he grows up. One telling scene is the hazy view of Boruto reaching for his father, Naruto, only to have his father disappear and turn into an older version of himself.

Fortunately, it appears that his friends stay by his side as he goes through his trials and errors while growing up. The animation also gives us a look into what could happen in the series in the future, spoiling a few details.

The spoilers

Anime openings are analyzed extremely hard to find all of the tiniest details that we can.

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With a series like "Boruto," the analyzing will be taken extremely, especially after fans have had so much fun with the "Naruto" series so far. Fans can smile knowingly, as it looks like Boruto's experience at the Ninja Academy is about to end. We'll finally get to watch him go out into the real world and see what kind of mischief he and his friends can get into.

In one scene of the opener, we see Boruto fighting what looks like a Mist Ninja with Sarada and Mitsuki. Boruta uses a Raiton release, showing that his release takes after Hinata's lightning release rather than Naruto's wind release. This does leave fans wondering if his use of elemental chakra is a new skill.

As seen in the "Boruto" film, we know that he ends up on a team with Sarada and Mistuki.


However, the new opening suggests a lot more than just being teammates. It appears that shortly after graduating from the academy, the three will come together again in an immediate story arc. We're looking forward to the three getting their own teacher and going on missions just like we saw with Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. We just hope that this teacher can fill Kakashi's shoes.