The new trailer for Season 2 of the popular Netflix original “Stranger Things” was recently released. Just when you thought the first trailer shown at the Comic Con 2017 was riveting, the second trailer shows there are lots of heart-stoppingly disturbing scenes to feed fans' hunger for horror and action.

Noah Schnapp, who plays the recurring character of Will Byers has stated in interviews that "Stranger Things season 2" will be darker and eerier compared to the previous season. The recent trailer shows a horrified mom -- played by Winona Ryder -- who looks helpless as Will looks traumatized in the first couple of episodes.

New trailer highlights

The new trailer reinforced the message that the young lead character will have visions of being back in the Upside Down world. Viewers also get a glimpse of the terrifying shadow monster, which seems like an ominous-looking Thessalhydra emanating from the dark horizon.

Fans are also looking forward to the return of award-winning actress Millie Bobby Brown, who competently tackles the intriguing character of Eleven in the well-received show. The trailer depicts Eleven on the other side after sacrificing her life to save Mike and the others from the Demogorgon.

The new season commences on Halloween night, so there is the frightful intermingling of real-life spooky adornments with supernatural elements.

Will is evidently not the same, nor is the town, as otherworldly occurrences create havoc. As Will is tormented by nightmares, it sends his mother into panic mode. As his young pals head into the Upside Down, viewers glean one thing -- season 2 is going to be one big adventure.

Premium programming from Netflix

It has been a prolific year for Netflix, which has churned out over 1,000 hours of premium original programs that have engaged audiences from all over the world.

The figure is a marked increase from 600 hours the past year. The streaming services company has invested over $6 billion for original programming, higher than HBO, Amazon, and Hulu.

"Stranger Things" earned multiple Emmy nominations and wins. The program has many things going for it. Compelling characters, great direction, writing, acting, plus interesting references to 1980s flicks, apart from popular pop songs, are among them.

Among the other much raved-about programs of Netflix are “The Crown” and “House of Cards." “Stranger Things 2” is slated to be aired during Halloween.