The latest episode of My Hero Academia,” officially referred to asBoku No Hero Academia,” is an action-packed installment, focusing on the final round of ongoing examinations in the heroes’ academy. In the new episode, Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo found themselves pitted against the greatest hero of all-time.

Clash of heroes

Izuku and Katsuki are two strong aspiring heroes but despite being classmates, the Izuku is a difficult character to deal with. Katsuki is hardheaded, so he refused to work with Izuku, who was someone he regarded as his biggest rival.


In an earlier episode, the teachers explained the reason behind the designated partners for the exams. The veteran hero, Eraserhead disclosed to All Might that Izuki and Katsuki had the worst relationship in class and this exam was a way for them to work together and hopefully patch things up. The two young aspiring heroes’ inability to communicate could pose a huge risk to them when they become full-fledged heroes.

Making amends

The test turned out to be as difficult as everyone predicted because not only were Izuku and Katsuki going against the strongest hero, but they were also not close to agreeing to anything.

Unlike the other teams, they didn’t have a plan because they weren’t able to brew up one in the first place, because of their inability to talk to each other.

The fight against All Might may have just been an examination, on which the aspiring heroes’ careers depended, but it was a gruesome one. Just like their adviser warned before the test took place, their teachers, though with a handicap, will fight with everything they have and will be as dangerous as those villains they’ve encountered.

Izuku and Katsuki went through a huge ordeal and tried to execute different plans, competing with each other against one common enemy instead of working together. There were only two feasible ways to pass the test.

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The first was by putting handcuffs on All Might and the other one was to simply let at least one of the members escape through a designated exit.

Izuku was smart and wanted to run away because he knew that he, even with Katsuki’s strength, was no match for the greatest hero of all time. However, Katsuki was hell-bent on defeating All Might than to go along with Izuku’s plan.

After going through a series of failed attempts of pursuing their respective plans, Katsuki was forced to work together with Izuku because he wanted to defeat All Might and pass the test.

Katsuki used his Explosion quirk to distract All Might while giving Izuku the chance to escape but the stubborn young hero lost consciousness trying to fend off the veteran hero's attacks.

At that time, Izuku took a step back and selflessly saved Katsuki before All Might could land the finishing blow. In the process of saving Katsuki, Izuku also used his One For All quirk to land one huge blow on All Might. With no time to lose, Izuku immediately escaped the exam arena with Katsuki in his clutches.