The latest chapter of the manga "My Hero Academia” finally came out, and it’s the moment we've all been waiting for; we finally get to see a glimpse of what a full-powered One For All can do with Midoriya Izuku (Deku) using it.

This chapter picks right up after where the last chapter ended and focuses on the revelation of Eri's quirk, Rewind, and setting up the final show-down between Midoriya and Chisaki.

More details revealed around Eri's quirk

In the last chapter, we were given a glimpse into what Eri's quirk does, but no specifics were mentioned.


In this chapter though, we got a deeper dive into its history as Chisaki revealed that Eri's quirk, Rewind, gives her the ability to constantly "rewind" a person back to a previous physical state if she continues to touch that person. This was first shown when Midoriya accidentally went 100 percent Full Cowl to escape Chisaki's attack but suffered no injuries.

After this revelation, Chisaki mentions that Eri's quirk is a curse to undermine Eri and have her surrender herself once more without him having to bring her back through force.

This has always been Chisaki's approach in dealing with Eri and he has always succeeded. Eri always ends up feeling at fault and goes back to him of her own accord, which in turn saves Chisaki from having to be in direct contact with her. This eliminates the possibility of him getting “rewinded” to nothing just like Eri's step-dad was.

Chisaki also goes on to mention that Eri has absolutely no control over her quirk, meaning she can't control when she activates it and consequently when to deactivate it. This puts Midoriya at a great risk of getting “rewinded” to nothing since he's in direct contact with Eri for almost the entirety of the chapter.

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Midoriya's counter plan

Chisaki's efforts in undermining Eri and having Midoriya fear for his life didn't seem to faze Midoriya at all, as he quickly realized that as much of a problem Eri's inability to control her quirk is, it was also one of the greatest opportunities he has had since the start of this fight. Midoriya concluded through his little experience with Eri's quirk that, contrary to what was supposed to happen when he uses 100 percent of One For All, he was still fine. Of course, Midoriya, being the hero that he is, didn't allow that moment to go to waste and commented on how "kind and gentle" Eri's quirk was, relieving the young, suffering girl of one of her worst pains.

This revelation led Midoriya to come up with a plan to counteract Eri's quirk without having to let go of her. His plan entailed that if he was to inflict damage on his own body at a rate faster than the rate at which Eri rewinds him, the effect of Eri's quirk would be completely negated, and to achieve such a goal, Midoriya decided to go 100 percent Full Cowl.

Risks that come with Midoriya's plan

Even though this plan should provide Midoriya with enough firepower and speed to completely topple over Chisaki, it certainly doesn't come without its own very serious and worrying risks.


  • The backlash: When Midoriya first accidentally used 100 percent Full Cowl in his successful attempt to escape Chisaki's attack and landed on the ground on the surface completely unscathed, he let go of Eri for a couple of seconds and in that short period of time, Horikoshi (creator of "My Hero Academia") showed us a glimpse what Midoriya would experience after Eri's quirk wears off. It seemed to be, as Midoriya described it, like having his body pulled apart and that was from using 100 percent Full Cowl for mere moments.
  • Inability to keep up: In that same scene, Midoriya failed to realize what he had done until he was high up in the air. This means that Midoriya's eyes were not able to keep up with his own movements, which will definitely make it very hard for him to execute his attacks effectively and strategically against Chisaki. He also runs the risk of having his movements be straightforward and predictable (unlike what happened with Mirio on chapter 150).
  • Eri's unpredictability: Probably the worst risk of all, Eri has no control over the activation and deactivation of her quirk. This means she could un-intentionally deactivate her quirk mid-fight, at which point the fight's direction will probably shift greatly in Chisaki's favor and Nighteye's prediction may prove to be truer than not.

What's to come next?

Even though it seems like Midoriya's Super Saiyan power-up should allow him to finish this fight easily, it comes with great risks and Midoriya's inexperience with this kind of power will, without a doubt, be noticed by Chisaki. Midoriya's situation has never been direr than it is right now, especially as Nighteye still doesn't seem to be surprised by what is happening right now. This begs the question, is all this still within the happenings of the future Nighteye's foresight showed him or are we looking at the point at which the future changes?