The new Anime Series, Juuni Taisen kicked off earlier this month and it instantly became a fan-favorite because of its amazing artwork and action-packed yet unpredictable story. The story’s filled with surprises and the creators never failed in delivering action in a gruesome caliber that fans have dubbed the series as the anime version of George R. R. Martin’s “Game of Thrones.”

“Juuni Taisen” brought 12 warriors together in a Zodiac War that took place every 12 years to most likely determine the strongest clan. These strong mercenary warriors were all based on the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, and they possessed unique abilities and personalities.


The fallen warriors

The first episode introduced these warriors hailing from 12 clans, but it ended with two of them getting killed immediately. The first warrior to be killed was the Snake warrior name Takeyasu Tsumita, and he was killed by the Rabbit warrior called Usagi even before the Zodiac War officially kicked off.

The second warrior who got killed was from the proud Boar Clan. Toshiko Ino, who goes by the warrior name Inounoshishi, was a highly skilled mercenary and she possessed the Non-Reload ability that gave her unlimited ammunition.

However, despite her unparalleled skills, she was also easily killed by Usagi and became one of his walking dead soldiers. The third warrior killed was the Dog Clan’s warrior, Dotsuko, whose real name is Michio Tsukui.

He was killed by the Rooster Clan’s warrior, Niwatori, the Chicken after teaming up with her. Niwatori, whose real name was Ryoka Niwa, was a trickster and she lured Dotsuko in giving her his One-Man Army drug that drew out her combat abilities to their fullest.

The fourth and latest warrior killed was Niwatori, who went up against the undead Inounoshishi. Though she got off that fight unscathed thanks to her Eye of the Cormorant ability, she eventually faced off with the infamous genius of slaughter, Ushii of the Ox Clan and got killed instantly.

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The remaining warriors

With four of the participating 12 warriors dead, only eight remained in the Zodiac War, and these are from clans of the Rabbit, Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Monkey, Horse, Sheep, and Ox. The Horse Clan’s warrior, Uuma was last seen fighting a losing battle against Ushii deep in the sewers.

The anime series hasn’t confirmed Uuma’s status yet, but when Ushii killed Niwatori, the Ox warrior was already soaked with blood, which could be from killing Uuma. Ushii hasn’t been seen since his encounter with Niwatori, and he has been going around the arena hunting the opponents on his own.

Just like Ushii, Tiger Clan’s Tora, Dragon Clan’s Tatsumi Kyoudai Otouto, and Sheep Clan’s Hitsujii are currently on their own. Usagi’s technically on his own, but thanks to his necromancy abilities, he gathered the fallen warriors as his allies.

Nezumi of the Rat Clan and Sharyu of the Monkey Clan teamed up to end the Zodiac War peacefully. The two will be going up against Usagi and his undead companions as revealed in the ending of the anime's latest episode.