The latest episode of the new popular anime series, Juuni Taisen just aired, and it capped off with four of the warriors going up against each other. The preview for the next episode has been revealed, and it will be highlighting the story of the Sheep Clan’s warrior, Hitsujii.

The Juuni Taisen was a huge battle royal that took place every 12 years. This year, the tournament was held in a large abandoned city that used to house half a million people.

12 strong warriors have been pitted against each other in this Zodiac War. They’ve been given the liberty to use any means, but only one warrior must prevail in the end, and he/she will be rewarded with one wish granted.

The Ram’s story

The anime series’ pattern revealed the backstories of one warrior in each episode.


The fourth episode focused on the Monkey warrior’s upbringing, and the upcoming episode is set to feature the Ram’s story next.

Not much is known about the Ram, who goes by the warrior name Hitsujii from the Sheep Clan. However, the first episode gave fans a glimpse of his abilities. His real name is Sumihiko Tsujiie, and despite being an old man, he seemed to be a formidable opponent.

Hitsujii’s expertise relied mainly on the use of heavy explosives such as grenades and bombs that he created himself. He hasn’t encountered anyone yet, and the last time he was seen, he was just sitting, waiting for someone to challenge him.

However, he’s clearly up to something and he had every intention to fight with a bang. In “Juuni Taisen” episode 2, he revealed his homemade bomb called Old-Timer which he was excited to use.

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The peaceful alliance vs. the psycho

Episode 4, titled “Juuni Taisen,” left off with an unexpected cliffhanger. For the first time, no one was killed, but things had gotten more interesting. Niwatori's birds ambushed Nezumi of the Rat Clan and Sharyu of the Monkey Clan in the sewer.

The two immediately realized that the birds were already dead, and it was Usagi from the Rabbit Clan who was controlling Niwatori and her birds. Usagi was a mentally damaged necromantist who used the corpses of the dead warriors as his soldiers.

With Usagi’s powers, Nezumi and Sharyu were left with no choice but to fight the Rabbit and the walking dead snake warrior, Takeyasu Tsumita. The anime series clearly geared up Sharyu and Nezumi for bigger battles, but it's still uncertain how the fight will turn out because Usagi still has the dead Niwatori at his disposal.