The latest episode of the new action-packed anime series, Juuni Taisen just aired on October 17. The third episode focuses on the Rooster’s warrior, revealing her past and the consequences of her recent actions at the ongoing battle royal.

The anime, otherwise referred to as Juni Taisen,” pits 12 of the deadliest warriors in the world against each other in a survival battle. The 12th Zodiac Tournament occurs every 12 years, and this time, it takes place in an abandoned city that used to house half a million people.

The mercenary warriors, who are based on the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, have one goal and that is to gather all the poisonous gems that each of them swallowed. They can use any means, but they have to succeed within 12 hours otherwise they’ll die.


The Chicken’s past

Niwatori of the Rooster clan and Dotsuko of the Dog clan teamed up in the previous episode of “Juuni Taisen,” but the latter met an untimely demise when the Chicken warrior killed him. The outcome of the second episode was unexpected, and it was explained in the latest episode that Niwatori was trained in espionage and killing techniques, which she applied to trick and betray countless people easily.

Beneath that cute façade lies a merciless and indifferent killer that only does what she's told to do. Ryoka Niwa brutally killed her abusive parents when she was still young and suffered a severe amnesia that led her to entirely forget about her parents’ abuse and the bloody incident.

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The Niwa family, who are involved in several global uprisings and conflicts, were aware of her unique ability to control avian species, so they decided to adopt her. Ryoka became the Niwa family’s daughter and killer, who remained loyal to the people who have taken her in and trained her.

Chicken’s conflicted resolve

In “Juuni Taisen” episode 3, which is titled "Cutting a Chicken with a Beef Cleaver," Chicken was actually aiming for Dotsuko (Michio Tsukui) to give her his infamous One-Army drug before she could take him down. Shortly after Dotsuko’s death, Niwatori came across the walking dead Inounoshishi from the Boar Clan and defeated her with the Sky Burial technique.

The Chicken warrior then ended up meeting Nezumi of the Rat clan and Sharyu of the Monkey Clan.


Niwatori planned to kill them right then. However, the One-Army drug not only enhanced her physical abilities but also powered up her mental state, which made her susceptible to Sharyu’s sincerity.

Disappointed with her failure to attack Sharyu and Nezumi, Niwatori left and then bumped into the infamous Ushii of the Ox clan. Niwatori found herself protecting the two who were hiding in the sewer and lost her life to the genius of slaughter without even having a chance to retaliate.