The legendary Hayao Miyazaki has finally come out of retirement and decided to announce his latest upcoming movie. However, the Japanese film director and animator also revealed that this might be his final work.

Miyazaki announced his retirement from feature films in September 2016, explaining that he had to retire due to his age. He has been working on visual novels and animated projects since 1963.

However in 2016, he returned to work on a new feature film. Even before he officially came back from retirement, he was already working on a computer-animated short film titled “Boro the Caterpillar,” which was eventually screened exclusively at the Studio Ghibli Museum in July this year.

New Hayao Miyazaki film in the works

After a long time, Miyazaki will be working on another feature film.


His last work was “The Wind Rises,” which was released in July 2013 by Studio Ghibli.

The Japanese director attended the opening of the “Botchan, I Am A Cat” memorial that was held at Waseda University in Tokyo. In this event, Miyazaki revealed that he was currently developing a new animated movie.

His upcoming animated film has already been titled How Do You Live?” ("Kimi-Tachi Wa Dou Ikiru Ka?"). However, he and the studio pointed out that it will take him three to four years to complete this project.

The studio is expecting this to be Miyazaki’s final animated project, and even posted an announcement recruiting staff for the Japanese director’s final film. Studio Ghibli’s producer Toshio Suzuki also admitted that they are not certain if they will finish the film while Miyazaki’s still alive, which fans hoped was just a joke.


The movie will take years because knowing Miyazaki, he prefers to animate in the traditional way. When he was working on “Boro the Caterpillar,” he opened up about his disgust over computer-generated animation.

He pointed out that computers insulted traditional artists’ skills, and machines did not have the ability to bring out the heart and soul of an artwork. So, expect "How Do You Live?” to be another beautiful and intricate animated film, just like Miyazaki’s previous works.

The story of 'How Do You Live?'

The new film will not be a full feature of “Boro the Caterpillar,” even though Miyazaki admitted he wanted to recreate the said title. Miyazaki’s upcoming animated film titled "How Do You Live?" shares the same title of a Japanese literature masterpiece that was published in 1937.


The book is well-known for its moving story that to this day, it ranks no. 2 as the all-time favorite books in Japan. Since the anime project will be adapted from the said book, it’s likely that they will share similar stories.

“How Do You Live?” revolved around a 15-year old boy struggling to find his own identity in a world that continued to develop and change. The protagonist lived with his uncle, who graduated from a university, which at that time was something rare.

The young boy attained a deep understanding of the human condition. The book tackled several realistic issues such as friendship, courage, bullying, discrimination, and even racism.