Fairy Tail officially concluded in July 2017 with the release of the manga’s 545th chapter. However, it seems like the magical adventure will be coming back, but this time it might just feature a whole new set of characters from the next generation.

The manga was first published in August 2006 and it ran for 63 volumes. It was picked up for an anime series adaptation that made its television debut in April 2011. Though the original manga series has ended, the anime has yet to air its final season.

'Fairy Tail’s' next generation

The manga introduced characters that fans easily grew fond of and an immersive story that was surrounded by magic and spells. The creator of “Fairy Tail,” Hiro Mashima, succeeded in making a manga that could rival other popular titles such as “Naruto,” “One Piece,” and “Bleach.”

However, the manga went downhill during its final arc because of the repetitive plots. A number of major characters were killed off and then revived several times, but the thing that fans mostly complained about is the abrupt conclusion of the manga series, which failed to delve deeper into the backstories of the ultimate villains and other major characters.


Mashima attended the recently held New York Comic-Con and revealed a sketch of what plausibly looks like the next generation of “Fairy Tail.” He made a rough sketch on the spot after a fan asked him and he also uploaded a colored and edited version of the sketch on his official Twitter account, hinting further that a spin-off series just like “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” is being planned.

Though his Twitter post reminded fans that the new characters are not yet considered canon, it’s safe to say that he’s somehow confirmed the characters that eventually ended up together.


The relationship between Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia wasn't exactly solidified in the conclusion of the manga, but Mashima’s sketch just proved that he had intended them to end up together.

The colored sketch features two new young characters who are clearly the children of the original main characters. Mashima has even named the pink-haired girl Nashi, who is a spitting image of her parents, Natsu and Lucy.

Meanwhile, the other character is a blue-haired young boy, who is obviously the son of Gray and Juvia. The unnamed son inherited Juvia’s eyes but evidently takes after his father’s personality.

Anime's final season airs next year

The final season of the “Fairy Tail” anime series has been scheduled to air in 2018, but as to the sequel, which will most likely feature a younger generation, there are still no definite details yet.


Mashima once admitted that he never expected the manga to be popular and that there's so much he still wanted to explore in the anime, so there’s a huge possibility that a second installment of the anime is in the works.