There is no doubt that the most recent chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" was quite epic. Many spectacular events happened throughout, including the new transformation of Son Goku. These revelations left fans everywhere surprised at this great series, however, the manga version of the story left us a spoiler, which we have not seen as of yet.

In chapter 27 of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga, a battle between Vegeta and Beerus takes place while he is training with Whis. During this battle, the significant difference in the power of Vegeta, using a mastered Super Saiyan blue form, and Beerus is clearly evident, as Lord Beerus is able to defeat Vegeta with relative ease.

After seeing the scenes in this chapter of the mange, the difference in power of super Saiyan blue and Lord Beerus is not even close.


Lord Beerus then speaks with the oracle fish to ensure that his prophecy is correct. The oracle fish then explains that Vegeta and Goku are, indeed, going to be the rivals that Beerus seeks. He then mentions that the Saiyans may be capable of another transformation that could rival him. We believe he was referring to the technique recently achieved by Goku.

As we can see in the image, the oracle fish anticipated that Son Goku and Vegeta would someday be at the level of Beerus and possibly even surpass it. Considering this, it would not be so far-fetched to think that the Saiyan prince could access the Ultra Instinct ability.

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How could Vegeta get the ultra instinct?

If you recall in the 1-hour special, Whis mentioned that Goku being in an extreme situation is what pushed him to exceeded his limits, unlocking the new power. The circumstances in which Goku achieves this is why the Tournament of Power is an ideal place for Vegeta to be put into a similar situation, just like Son Goku.

Remember, the Saiyan Prince is also trained by Whis and has even trained more than his rival, Goku. Because of this, we believe that in the short term Vegeta could achieve this power without problems, although we can not be certain that it will transpire during the Tournament of Power.

Could Goku help Vegeta achieve this?

In the final scenes of the television special, we are shown a conversation between Goku and Vegeta.


In this brief conversation, Vegeta inquires how his rival achieved his new transformation. For now, it is too early for Goku to teach something that he does not yet understand, much less mastered. However, this does not mean that Vegeta cannot achieve it, given that the latter also possesses the extraordinary fighting ability.

If you recall, there has been a confirmed battle coming between Prince Vegeta and the universe 6 assassin, Hit. We feel it would not be strange for Vegeta to increase his powers considerably, although he may not achieve Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power.