The most epic "Dragon Ball Super" fight between Jiren and Goku is something that every fan waited to happen ever since the beginning of the Tournament of Power. No wonder that many fans are pleased that the anime series will finally feature the fight in a two-part hour-long special episode.

While waiting for the episode, many are debating about who will win the match. Some loyal Goku fans are saying that the Saiyan will emerge victorious while those who have seen the power of Jiren are on his side. There is indeed a good basis for Jiren's victory. Let us take a look at some reasons why Jiren can win over Goku.

Reasons for Jiren's possible victory

First, Jiren wasn't really involved in any fighting during the Tournament of Power.


There were only a few scenes where we can see him defeating his enemies, and he didn't exert too much effort in any of those scenes. With that, it manifest that he saved much of his energy, unlike Goku who already faced different matches.

Jiren is also hyped to fight Goku. During their first meeting, he isn't pleased with Goku. He even told him to "Get lost." Like Goku, he is also looking forward to having a faceoff with him.

Even before we saw Jiren, Toppo already hinted that he is very powerful. Toppo is already a Kaioken x20 level, but Jiren is still stronger than him. He even told Goku that if his power is only equal to his ability, then he won't be able to defeat Jiren. Since Goku's Super Saiyan Blue isn't enough to defeat Jiren, he needs to power up to a new form.


This is one manifestation that Jiren is indeed stronger than our Saiyan hero.

The Pride Trooper member has a serious personality, and he wants things to get done at once. You will notice that he didn't join the Pride Troopers when they made a pose. Instead, he remained composed and serious because, for him, the battle royal is very important.

Also, he doesn't want to play around and waste his time. You can see that on how he handled Kale's rampage and how he sent Kayo out of the arena with just one punch. Mostly, he would use only one attack to finish his opponent. But, apparently, this won't happen in his match with Goku.

Jiren's power and strategies

Jiren's ability is also one of a kind.


Apart from the ki blast and fireballs that he can use for his attack, he can predict the movement of his opponent which is a huge edge from Goku. The warrior always analyzes his opponent before he decides on the kind of attack he will do because he wants everything to be precise and he isn't the type who will waste time.

Based on the teaser trailer, there is indeed a possibility that Jiren will win. Another thing to note is that Hit will fight with Jiren after his match with Goku, which means that Goku did not defeat Jiren at all. However, fans of "Dragon Ball Super" still needs to wait for the actual match to happen since there might be a twist that will lend Goku his victory.