Dragon Ball Super” originally aired in July 2015, is becoming one of the most popular anime series of all time. Goku’s Japanese voice actor Masako Nozawa previously said that they are targeting 700 or more episodes for the anime, which means that it might just last forever. Right now, the current Universal Survival Arc is still rolling that highlights the tournament of Power, which gathered all 80 warriors at the World of Void to fight against each other. Toei Animation is currently airing its English dub and two of the Voice Actors have also hinted how the anime will end.

Goku vs Vegeta

During the Anime Expo 2017, voice actors Sean Schemmel (Goku) and Chris Sabat (Vegeta) represented the anime and answered some queries about howDragon Ball Super might end.


When asked how Vegeta and Goku’s climactic battle would kick off, Schemmel said that both fighters will end up in two different universes.

However, Sabat’s prediction has fans buzzing over the two warriors’ powers. “I think it would be really fun if it got to the very, very end of the series and Vegeta and Goku are charging each other,” he said. “They have these ultimate attack moves they’ve built up over the years, and they almost punch each other in the face, and it just runs the credits.”

The entire franchise might go on forever

The voice actors went on to say that “DBS” might end after hundreds of episodes but that may not be the case.


It’s hilarious but both voice actors added that the franchise might end but the credits and acknowledgments will have a tag at the bottom that asks fans to watch “Dragon Ball GT.”

According to Nozawa, they still have a lot of things to do for the anime and that includes more explosives. For now, fans can content with the Tournament of Power that will leave only one surviving universe with the other four exempted universes.

The Tournament of Power

A few days before the impending battle between Goku and Jiren The Grey kicks off, there have been two universes that the Omni-King has annihilated so far. Team Universe 7 already had three fighters eliminated – Krillin, Tenshinhan and Master Roshi. Universes 9 and 10 have been annihilated, leaving six surviving teams as the climactic battle of Jiren and Goku commences during the anime’s one-hour TV special.


The Saiyan warrior is set to debut his brand new form, which is yet to be named.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 109 and 110 are set to air on October 8 as a back-to-back episode to cover Goku and Jiren’s battle. Don’t miss it!